Who am I? I am a woman of colour. My skin tone is dark and I have full lips. Growing up, I believed that I could not wear certain makeup products because of my skin tone and the size of my lips.

Now, I know that those thoughts were false and ridiculous. All skin tones and lip shapes are beautiful and should be embraced! Whether your lips are thin or full, defined or not defined. Whether you have a deep ebony skin tone with blue undertones or a light skin tone with yellow undertones. Beauty is not limited by the colour of our skin. Neither is makeup! It is all about finding the right colour or shade that compliments your skin tone. 

This blog will cover all things makeup and beauty, not only focusing on lipsticks. It will include swatches and 100% honest reviews. I will try my best to add the links of all the products mentioned.  I will posting regularly so please don’t forget to subscribe. 

This is a positive environment where we appreciate all women (we need more of that in this world!) and I will take you on my journey to explore the different types of makeup that suit all skin tones especially medium to dark skintones.


I only use makeup and skincare products after trying them on myself, however I cant guarantee that all of the products will work for you, because everyone’s skin is different. Whenever possible, test products out on yourself before purchasing. Ask for samples.

If you have any questions or you would like me to review and feature a product on thatredlipstick.com, please email me on: