My Recent Non Make Up / Beauty Related Buys | Balenciaga, Gucci, Jo Malone and many more

Hey my lovelies,

How are you doing? How has life been for you? I have lacking in motivation to do pretty much anything lately, and I have struggled with content for this blog if I am being honest with you. But I recently decided to do a massive wardrobe overhaul so I figured that I will share that with you.

Ok here is a likkle background about moi, I can spend all my hard earned coins on other people, my kids, heck even someone I don’t know, but when it comes to spending serious money on myself it takes me ages! I go back and forth so many times before I take the plunge. You know what, I think this started when I had children…yes that’s true, it started when I had kids.

My style has always been the same (give or take a few questionable pieces!) white t-shirts, blazers, denim or leggings, statement gold accessories such as earrings, belts, bags etc. The occasional pop of colour from a cardigan or a bag. Basically comfortable and minimal with a pop of colour or gold. So I decided to get some key statement pieces that I will love and wear constantly…and will not break on me! Ok let’s get into this!

*Some of the pieces are above budget, so I have included high street options*


Balenciaga Shoes

Every grown ass woman needs a pair of heels that she can put on and feel like a million pounds. I recently bought these Balenciaga BB Knife Velvet Heels from Net a Porter and I absolutely love them. They are not everyone’s cup of tea but I have decided if I like them, then Imma wear them! Okurrrrrr!

Gorgeous High Street Options: Here


Balmain Jacket (here)

I have always wanted one of these, and set myself a goal in my life. I told myself that when I reached this goal, I would buy myself this jacket. I recently reached this goal (thank you God!) and I bought the jacket. I was so nervous spending that much money on a blazer, but I told myself that since I wear blazers so much, I will get so much wear out of this blazer.

Gurl, let me be real with you when it arrived, I was not ‘wowed’ at all. You know when you look forward to something so much and when you get it, you are like….is that it?! Let me explain why.

The blazer was lovely. The jacket is made out of a really nice fabric and the gold chunky buttons were nice. But that’s all it was, nice. And let’s face it, I am not paying that much money for ‘nice’. I will just take myself to Zara. So what did I do? I returned the jacket. Yup, it went straight back! I’m sorry but my new thing is I buy something that I am not absolutely loving and obsessed with then its going back!



I loveeeeeee candles! These candles by far are my favourite. The thing is with candles, they can be hit or miss. Some expensive ones are rubbish and smell awful, and some cheaper ones are amazing and seem to last forever. So when I find ones I like, I buy so many!

Jo Malone – Pomegranate Noir and DW Candles in Iridescent Moonstone



So yeah, I have joined the Gucci Gang! I will be real with you guys, Gucci has never really been my go-to designer. I am more of a Chanel or Dior type person. I’m not really a fan of the GG’s everywhere and those fur lined slippers/shoes (vomits a little!). Not for me mate.

Howeverrrr, there are always some exceptions to the rule. Like I said above, I like statement accessories, which includes belts. This Gucci belt has been all over social media, and what I did was wait till the hype dies down then see if I still liked it. And I did. I see myself wearing it with my staple white tee and jeans and it looking nice. I especially like the fact that the logo is in Antique Gold (dull gold) because that matches one of the bags i have. The only problem with this belt is that I can’t wear any other ‘designer labelled’ item of clothing, because in my opinion it seems like a massive overkill.


T-Shirts – ASOS

Now I have been looking for the perfect white t-shirt for ages. The ones from H&M and Primark seemed to go stiff after the first wash. I don’t know if it is the way I wash them. I found these t-shirts on ASOS for just £8 each and I love them. In fact I am going to buy a few more so I have a few in my wardrobe. I am one happy bunny.


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