Hey Sis! You good?!

Hey my lovelies, how are you doing? It has been a while hasn’t it?

Lets just say that life has been moving mad these last couple of months! In the midst of looking after my 3 year old and my then 5 month old baby, my husband got really ill, and lets be honest, nobody really cares about makeup when everthing is going against the grain!

My makeup game (if I had a makeup game went out of the window, bye boo!) My skin care routine flipped and flopped outta my life, my skin texture is crazy, pores and uneven skin everywhere. Girl let me tell you something, I even had a struggle ponytail (basically natural hair that has split ends, untrimmed ends, and you struggle to put it in the smallest ponytail). Don’t even talk about my weight (rolls eyes!) but you know what, after all of that I am still standing, I am still here! Yassssssss God! Before I start preaching (somebody say glory!) let’s go into the reason for this blog post. And you know the funny thing was, I had all this unfinished content to post which taught me a valuable lesson about organisation, especially when you have the chance.


So while I was taking a sabbatical from makeup, I forgot everything. I forget how to do my eyebrows (shocking I know!), I forgot how to prime before foundation and setting the foundation (so when I did put on a little makeup, your girl was looking like an unholy mess!). So I figured this I am now out of the storm I am going to use this opportunity to take a fresh look at my enormous (slightly expired) makeup collection and work out what works for me. I am going to take you with me.

I have some exciting content  on this blog, I also have a guest who will be sharing a makeup challenge with us.

I also have gone back to work after 8 months off on maternity leave, so I will sharing that with you as well.


So please share the posts, please engage with me, because I must admit sometimes, it feels like I am talking to myself, please follow me on Instagram. Let me know what you want to see more of.


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