The Truth about Lace Frontals | Spilling the tea on my first lace frontal


Ladies, ladies I am going to spill to tea on lace frontals, so grab your coffee, your tea, your wine glasses, whatever. I even included a picture of my delicious latte for added effect you know!

I have been lusting, even drooling over lace frontals. I saw ladies rocking them on Instagram and I wanted one…no I needed one. Maybe the lace frontals will fix my life, my lack of sleep, my ridiculous amount of baby weight that I am finding so hard to shift! *sobs*. So I got one, my hairdresser slayed the hell out of the wig. I felt like…damn I felt like noone could speak to me anyhow! Even my mum. I just wanted to sit in the sun, which my killer heels and sunglasses and just live my best life.

Then reality gave me the biggest slap around my face, when I had to glue the wig down myself so here are some tips that I picked up, the ones that people fail to share! Oh and by the way, it is going to be a long time before I buy another lace frontal wig. I will just stick to my closure thanks!

*PS people call it glue but it isn’t, it is gel that has a super firm hold. It can be removed with patience and water.



The glue to use is GOT2B Ultra Glued Gel (the black one). They do not sell it in the stores but you can get it from Amazon (here) for £9



You need a scarf or a pair of old tights to make the frontal to lie as flat as possible. There is no just putting on frontal and running for the train, if you are running late to work! Your frontal will be flapping in the wind! I am talking from experience here!

Wash the lace every 3-4 days with baby shampoo or conditioner because the glue builds up on the lace. If the build up is too much, your lace will not lay (or melt as these young un’s call it).

Put your frontal on before your makeup because you need to put your frontal on bare and clean skin, putting it on top of your foundation may cause it not to stick / lay down properly. So you need to put your frontal on, do your makeup then go back to carefully apply foundation on your forehead, as close to your hairline as possible without getting it on the hair.

The lace frontal balds! The constant touching and creating baby hairs causes the lace to bald or lose hairs. I will just sip my latte if I hear anyone saying that a lace frontal wig can last them for more than a year! Ok sis, ok!

Bleach the knots of the frontal and/or tint the lace with dye or your foundation. It makes your lace frontal look as realistic as possible. My hairdresser tints my lace and customises the hairline of the frontal before fitting it for me.

Patience is the key! Patience when laying down your baby hairs, patience when applying the glue, patience in making the frontal lay as flat as possible and most importantly patience when taking the wig off so that you don’t lose your edges! These edges are precious girl!


Put on the wig, and lift the frontal up. Apply a thin layer of gel just before your hairline, and use your hairdryer on the cool setting to make the gel tacky. You only need it for around 5 – 10 seconds. Once it is tacky, pull your frontal onto glue, stick the forehead section down first then work to the sides of your head and use an old toothbrush to lay down the baby hairs. don’t use your fingers for this because the oil on your fingers could make the gel white. I bought the spray (yellow) but I prefer the gel (black) because it doesn’t get hard immediately so it gives you time to get those baby hairs right. Some people like the spray, so it depends what works for you. Work quickly to make sure the glue doesn’t dry up before you create the baby hairs. Oh and you want ‘barely-there’ baby hairs, if you make them too thick your wig looks unrealistic.

Once you are happy with it, get some old tights or a scarf and tie it over the frontal. you can continue to get dressed, do you makeup at this point (I would suggest doing it as soon as you get out of the shower, or just after you have cleansed your face before you moisturise your face). Take off the tights just before you leave the house or 10-15 mins later, and you will see that the glue has dried and your frontal is very very flat and it melts in with your skin.


Just generally a lot of fraff! It is long. It looks good but it is hella long. If you are a low maintenance kinda girl, then think carefully about frontals. If you like a wig that you can just chuck on, think carefully, because frontals are not wigs you can chuck on. There are days when I cannot be bothered and my frontal looks crazy because I rushed some of the steps! And there is no hiding it unless you wear a hat.


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