The Best Affordable Makeup for Medium to Dark Skin Tones | You need this sis!

Most of my makeup collection is made up for affordable drugstore makeup products. Things have really changed, now I can confidently buy drugstore products that work for my skin tone and skin type. The industry still has a long way to go, but I don’t know if you would agree with me that change is already happening. Brands are starting to realise that women of colour have their coins and are not afraid to use it when it comes to makeup and beauty, hence why the darker shades of Fenty Beauty are alwayyyssss sold out! Yassss ladies!

The old idea that your makeup collection needs to be filled with high end products has gone out of the window. In fact, I am even harder on expensive makeup. Shot that £30 concealer better restore my edges and help me lose this baby weight! In fact, just give me a brand new body! Especially now that I have found a £4 concealer that does all I need and more! I get tired of seeing reviews, makeup hauls even clothes hauls where everything is so blimin’ expensive!

So this post will be all about the affordable and easily accessible makeup products that you can pick up from your local drugstore (which is Boots, Superdrug for the Brits in our midst) and online.



L’Oreal True Match Foundation – £9.99 (medium to dark shades are:

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation  – Matte and Poreless – £5.99 (medium to dark shades are:

What I don’t like about Maybelline is that in the US they have two formulations for different skin types: ‘Matte & Poreless’ AND ‘Dewy & Smooth, why not make both formulas available in the UK, unless I am missing something? Am I? Also the colour choices are better in the US range. Again, I ask why? Why has the US got 19 medium to dark shades including 13 new shades, whereas we in the UK have only 12 shades! And why are they called different names and have different packaging! Lordt my blood pressure is just rising! These are the life-defining questions that keep me up all night! Anyways, it is still a good foundation.   

NYX Total Drops Foundation – £14 (4 medium to dark shades)

I haven’t tried this foundation

Makeup Revolution Concealer £4 (shades for undereye concealer and contour)

Sleek Face contour kit in Dark (Contour and Highlighter) – £7.99

Milani Blush

Makeup Revolution Banana powder



Rimmel Eyebrow black/brown pencil

L’Oreal Brow

Morphe 35O beauty

Juvia’s place Nubian 2 palette

Ardell Lashes  (natural) £3.50 for a pair

Koko Lashes (dramatic) £11.50



NYX Lipsticks i.e Lingerie, Soft Matte




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  1. Liz
    April 30, 2018 / 8:57 am

    Thanks for the time to give this info out.

    I had to go back to Maybelline Cocoa Foundation at boots instead of the normal brand I used for quite a while from House of Fraser. To my amazement I heard comments like the Cocoa Foundation suited me more. It was cheaper and quite affordable and yet fitting for me as a woman of colour

    The Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil Black/Brown is a good discovery after sweating so hard and trying to find a pencil that works for me. Your blog has confirmed that to me again.

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