Does RCMA work on Dark Skin? | First Impressions and Review

Does RCMA work on Dark Skin? | First Impressions and Review

Another setting powder? I hear you cry! Yes girl, another one, I will not get tired of testing out setting powders! Why? Just because there are so many on the market, with different price points and we need to know what works for our skin girl! Sorting out the ashy from the ‘a-ok’ ones! That’s why I am here. So far we have reviewed Laura Mercier Translucent (here) and the Medium Dark shade (here), Airspun (here), Sacha Buttercup (here) and Ben Nye Banana powder (here). If you would like me to try any others, just holla at your girl. I got you! Ok, enough of the stereotypical American’ talk, let’s get into it, shall we? 


Description of the Powder:

‘A lightweight, finely milled powder ideal for all skin tones.

No-Colour Powder is a unique loose and invisible setting powder. The weightless texture buffs effortlessly into the skin without leaving behind an ashy cast or altering the colour of your foundation. Ideal for trends such as baking, the non-caking finish of this professionally developed powder is a must-have essential for making your makeup stay all day.’


Price: £13.00

I was going to get this powder from ebay because I saw a lot of products available, but I couldn’t risk it. I read somewhere that people are mixing the powder with other products such as flour! Is it really that deep though?! Jeez! So I went to Beauty Bay to get the original product. One thing I do like about this powder is that it is affordable. 



Ummmmmmmmmm, what can I say about this powder without sounding negative? I don’t dislike this powder but I am not in love with it either. It is really light and finely milled, which is great. The texture is similar to Talcum Powder. Actually yes it feels like I am putting Talcum powder on my face. I like the texture because it means that it does not cake up and settles in your skin nicely. Does it leave you looking ashy? Not really. However, it is still a white based powder so it left a cast on my face. I prefer to use yellow based powders such as Sacha Buttercup because it is more flattering for my dark skin. This is the very reason why I stay the hell away from white based powders, the flashback is incredible and setting my highlight is a no no!

Also, I used this powder before I applied my foundation to see if it altered the colour of my foundation, and it didnt.



I would use this powder under my foundation but not to set my under-eye concealer.






  1. Naomie
    February 19, 2018 / 11:43 pm

    I’m currently using the Art Deco powder which I got from Beauty Bay. Strangely I find the Sasha Buttercup too yellow for me and I consider myself the same complexion as you (I’m a Maybelline Fit Me in shade Pecan – 355). I think I’m more on the hunt for a brown based powder y’know? I’m wondering if you’ve tried the new MAC Patrick Starr powder? Its getting rave reviews as an under eye setting powder and an all over face powder also.

    On another note, can you please do a future blog on hair pieces and weaves? I’d be interested in your thoughts on Peruvian, Malaysian and Brazilian.

    Oh, also, on um, the nether region full wax removal if you’ve done it.

    And lashes & lash glues. Okay I’m done lol. Thx!

  2. thatredl
    March 19, 2018 / 7:41 pm

    Hey, thank you so much for reading 🙂 I use Laura Mercier Transclucent Powder in Medium Brown which is a great brown based powder! Ooohhh thank you for the suggestions! I will defo do posts on those topics. Thanks again hun

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