Makeup and Beauty tips for medium to dark skin tones | Lessons that I have recently learnt

Makeup and Beauty tips for medium to dark skin tones | Lessons that I have recently learnt

I am constantly learning new ways or methods to apply my makeup. I do not believe makeup application is an exact science. I have watched countless of Insta videos where at first I am horrified at a dark skin girl using concealer that is waayyyyyyyyyyyy too light, but then she blends it out and does her thing, and it comes out looking fine. Im not saying that it tempts me to go for a concealer that is 5 shades lighter, but it just made me realise that I can be quick to judge sometimes, you know? Who says the way I apply makeup is the ‘correct’ way? Some people do eyeshadow before foundation, other people do eyeshadow after foundation, and it all looks good. So my new motto is as long you look snatched and your face is beat (and your eyebrows are on point!) then its all good!

Here are some makeup/beauty tips that I have recently picked up from social media or MUAS.


Let your undereye concealer dry down abit before blending it out.

Jackie Aina taught me this on Youtube, and it works. Allowing your concealer to dry a little gives more coverage. I don’t know how, but it does. I find that this method also ensures my concealer does not move as much during the day. So once I tried it and it worked, I have been doing it ever since.


Do not be afraid of oil. It helps balance out the skin. 

As an oily girl, I used to run away from oil. Anything that mentioned the word ‘dewy’ was not my cup of tea. Now, I have started to realise that oil helps to balance out your skin. Yes! Even for oily/combination skin types. Since I have started including oil into my skin care routine, I find that my skin feels more moisturised, with a smoother texture. The key is using it on cleansed skin. I use oil after I have used my detoxing face masks so my pores are not clogged with dirt. I tend to use it at night and just one or two drops will do for me. In the morning, I wake up with skin as soft as a baby’s bottom. I do this ‘oil treatment’ twice a week, especially in this weather. I have found that my skin is more balanced i.e I do not produce as much oil during the day.

However, there is a thin line between dewy and greasy, so be careful. A good setting powder will keep your foundation from slipping and sliding during the day.


Do not match the hyperpigmentation. Match the all over skin tone.

As a chocolate girl it is very easy to match foundation to the hyperpigmentation on my face. I have acne scars on my cheeks and jawline, and hyperpigmentation around my mouth and under my eyes. When I am trying foundation, it is so easy to think that I should be matching my foundation to the hyperpigmentation on my face in order to conceal it. However, the foundation would always end up being too dark and didn’t match my neck. So now, I match my foundation to my skin tone, avoiding the areas of hyperpigmentation. This tip has enabled my face to match my neck and look more seamless.

Use coloured setting powder to set the perimeter of the face. 

I love my skintone, and I want to wear makeup that enhances my skin tone. This tip was really helpful for me as it keep me looking brown which is important for a brown girl! So now I use my Laura Mercier Translucent Setting powder (original) mixed with my Sacha Buttercup powder under my eyes and the middle of my face, to set my concealer. Then I use my Laura Mercier Translucent Setting powder in Medium Dark to set the rest of my face. After learning this tip, I avoid using light or translucent powders to set my face and it works!


Applying your setting powder before your foundation will help your makeup last a lot longer during the day.

Oh I was sceptical about this tip! It sounded super weird but I was willing to try it out. So I applied the setting powder after I applied my primer, then I applied my foundation afterwards. It worked! My makeup really lasted all day without blotting. I can also get away wearing semi-matte foundation without my looking like an oil slick at the end of the day. Without a doubt, this is one of the best tips of this year.


Brown girls be kind to yourself. Try and stay true to your colour. 

This tip, for me, is at the back of my mind all the time. Fine, my makeup can make me look brighter and be a better match to my neck and all over skin tone, but my makeup shouldn’t make me look 5 shades lighter. Gone are the days when colourism is something that is accepted, the idea that lighter equals better. We embrace our different shades with pride. This is the skin tone that God has given us, so why try and change it. Don’t get me wrong, I know that it is not easy finding makeup to suit medium to dark skin tones, the beauty industry still has work to do. However, we must continue to support brands that do create products for our skin tones.


What things have you recently picked up that have helped your makeup application? Please share them in the comments



  1. Couture
    November 20, 2017 / 1:39 pm

    What are your favorite high end foundations and each shade please?

    • thatredl
      November 20, 2017 / 8:59 pm

      Hey! Here are my favourite high-end foundations:
      Hourglass Vanish Stick – Golden Almond
      NARS All day Luminous – Benares (although this is slightly too red, I think I am New Orleans)
      Estee Lauder Doublewear in Sandlewood,
      Lancome Teint Idole

      Hope this helps x

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