Beauty Cocoon Box | Beauty Subscription Box for Women of Colour

Beauty Cocoon Box | Beauty Subscription Box for Women of Colour

This is a review about Beauty Cocoon Beauty subscription boxes.

To be honest I have felt some sort of way about beauty subscription boxes. I usually find them full of beauty products that I cannot use. I mean when you receive beige concealer, you just think (as a dark skin girl) ermmmmmmmm so what am I going to do with this product!!! This is why I stopped subscribing to these beauty boxes, I just concluded that they are not made for women like me. It is a shame really, because chocolate ladies like to spend their coins on makeup!

This Beauty Cocoon box was sent to me by the lovely Yemi, the founder of Beauty Cocoon, and I was impressed at the concept of it. A beauty subscription box specially for women of colour? Sounds really interesting right. I was eager to check it out.




I love the packaging of this box. The box is small and compact but is sturdy enough to keep all the goodies inside safe. I love the rose-gold coloured box. It just screams glam for me. Y’all know I am in love with gold!

The box comes with a leaflet that I was very impressed with. It lists the products in the box and the best way to use them which is great. I really like the fact that it does not assume that everyone is a makeup and/or beauty guru. I have had beauty boxes in the past, where I have had no idea on what the most effective way to use the products are. This leaflet is super handy.



The October box came with two makeup brushes, body shimmer, a bronzer/highlighter duo, a liquid lipstick and a matching lipliner. Every product was well thought out. I loved the colour of the liquid lipstick and the lipliner. The shade was perfect for my skintone, which was fabulous. I really liked that. It indeed made me feel as though this box was especially curated with medium to dark skintones in mind. It is the perfect mauve-y nude, and the lipliner was creamy and easy to apply. Beauty Cocoon did a fantastic job with this lip combo.

I loved the brushes and the body shimmer. I wasn’t too fond of the bronzer and highlighter duo as it was not as pigmented as I thought it should have been. The highlighter had pearl undertones which I didn’t like and the bronzer was a great shade, but I needed some more pigment from the product. However, I was so impressed with the other products, I didn’t really mind about not liking the duo. These items are great additions to my makeup collection and for £21 a month, it is worth it.

Oh and I loved the fact that the box has brands that I hadn’t heard of before. This is a great way to introduce people to new brands.



I loved this box! Love, love, loved it, and I am not just saying it to be nice! The packaging was on point and I loved the products I received (apart from one). Will I sign up for these boxes? Yes I would. I also like the fact that you can cancel anytime. Are these boxes worth it? Yes they are!



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