Life Updates & What is on my current Beauty Wish List

Life Updates & What is on my current Beauty Wish List

Hey guys, long time no speak! It has been a while! I tell you being 7 months pregnant with a 2 year old has been pretty challenging, hence the lack of posts! I will be honest with you, I haven’t even looked at makeup for the last 5 months! I have no energy to even apply my makeup talk less of reviewing it. I am even get used to the fact that my makeup room that I fought tooth and nail for, will probably be a baby room in a few months *sobs*.

It’s crazy how life can change in a few months. What has been important to me over the last couple of months is trying not to throw up at the sight of practically anything, and trying to conserve energy for my daughter, who wants my constant attention! I have missed blogging though! Getting my thoughts down has always been quite therapeutic for me, so I am happy to be back. I may not be back to my old ‘three times a week’ schedule, but I am going to try my best to put content out often.

I have started doing some freelance work for Beauty Cocoon, which I am super excited about! Gotta get those creative juices flowing! If you don’t know what Beauty Cocoon is all about, and you haven’t tried their beauty or skincare boxes where have you been girl?! I mean if you are a woman of color their beauty or skincare boxes are a must have! Check out their site (here) for more info and tell them I sent you!


To all my new subscribers, welcome to the TRL family! So what has been going on in the makeup and beauty community lately? Fill me in please!!!!! I feel like I have missed a whole year! Yup, I remember that the ABH Subculture palette did not go down well at all this year! People hated and slated that palette! To the point where I felt like were people just going in on the palette, quick literally to gain views! It was that deep, but that was enough to put me off spending these coins!

What caught my attention? FENTY BEAUTY! Yes girl I wrote it in capitals because I was shouting it as I wrote it!

Last time I checked every Youtuber, Instagrammer, their mothers, aunties, cousins and grandmothers were raving about the Fenty beauty collection. I think I counted 20 different YouTube reviews about the Fenty Beauty collection, so it’s safe to say that women especially women of colour loved it.

I love the fact that she bought out 40 shades of foundation in her first launch! You go girl! Show these beauty companies how it is done! She literally crushed the opposition! She had the bigger brands feeling shoook! Yassssssss! I still need to buy some bits from the collection. I have picked a few things from the collection becauses you know this girl doesnt have those type of funds to be buying the full collection!!! I love the fact that the dark shades sold out first! Shows some of these companies that yes, dark skinned sisters do buy foundation! From the reviews, these are the best items from the entire collection. When I am able to drag myself to Harvey Niks and buy these items, I will no doubt let you know.

Foundation – 410/420 – £26.00

I would advise you to get a sample and try it on before buying it. Foundation is not like lipstick sis! You need to make sure it works with your undertones. There’s nothing worse than buying the wrong shade of foundation and you come out looking ashy or casket-ready! Get a sample and try it out.


Sample of Pro Filt’r Retouch Primer

I have heard that the primer doesn’t work for oily skin, so I am not sure if I will be getting the primer. I love my BECCA Primer and it hasn’t failed me till today, and as a oily girl my mantra is ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t try and change it up, then start complaining about oil!’ Saying that though I still want to test out the sample and see if it works. If it works, I will get it, if not then I will just use my normal primer.



Killawatt Highlighter Solo – Trophy Wife – £26.00

Ummmmmmmmmm, now as amazing as this highlight looks on camera, i have heard that it is very glittery and it is not really practical for daily use! Plus it looks like it is really yellow! I don’t know about you but I have yellow/golden undertones, so I don’t want to be looking as yellow as the sun! Howeverrrr, I can’t lie, it looks amazing when applied properly! It will probably work well applied sparingly and mixed with other highlighters so I still debating whether to add this to my collection. This is a ‘maybe’ from me

Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter Duo – Ginger Binge & Moscow Mule – £26.00

Jackie Aina (Youtuber) recommended this product, so what is left to say? I am buying it end of story! No further questions. Yup, I am that type of person! 


Match Stix – Deep 400 – £46

(*consists of Suede (warm highlight shade), Espresso (cool contour shade) and Sinamon (a bronzy highlight shade).

I really don’t need a contour, as my Black Opal Foundation stick in Black Walnut has got me covered, and I am not really feeling the Suede highlight shade. However, I think it will be nice to try some new contour and highlight you know, see how it works for me. So these match stixs are also in the ‘maybe’ category.



What products from the Fenty Collection did you buy or are you thinking of buying?


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