Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette on dark skin | Part 1

Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette on dark skin | Part 1

Today we are looking at the Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette and what it is like on dark skin. I remember when this palette came out it literally broke the Internet, it was constantly sold out and was incredibly hard to get your hands on. I just waited. I’ve learnt not to fall for the over-hyped products, because there will be another product that comes out and the hype shifts then voila the product is constantly in stock. Hence why this review is coming a little late in the game, but y’all know I had to do a review. Huda Kattan is an incredible business woman I must say! Turning her blog into a beauty empire is quite something.

I will decided to split this post into two because I have a fair bit to cover, so get your glasses of wine, apple juice or just a cup of tea and let’s get this show on the road!

Part 1 will go through my first impressions and review;

Part 2 will go through how to spot a fake Huda Beauty Palette, and the key differences.



£56 (from here)

The palette contains 18 different shadows with 3 different types of finishes: Mattes, Pressed Pearls and 3D Metals (foil pigments). One thing that attracted me to this palette was the range of colours available in the palette. I specifically love the fact that it comes with a black shadow, most warm-tone palettes do not contain a black shadow, so I love the colours in this palette.

I heard so many negative reviews about the packaging, and I think it was judged quite harshly simply because of the price. It is not a cheap palette at all so you expect more. Especially as more affordable eyeshadow palettes are of amazing quality nowadays. Is it worth £56? Errrr, that’s a no from me dawg! Not because of the packaging. I actually didn’t mind the packaging of this, it had a little weight and didn’t feel too cheap. To be fair, I am not too much packaging junkie, as long at the product is of a good quality. However, I wish this palette came with a mirror! For the price, I expected it to come with a mirror if I am honest. Also, I just feel that you can get cheaper eyeshadow palettes with better quality and are more affordable. I wasn’t wowed by it, but I wasn’t disappointed either. It was abit of a ‘blah’ type unboxing.

With the 3D Metals you are advised to use your finger, instead of brushes because it is pure pigment. To be honest, I hate using my finger for eyeshadows, but you do get that beautiful foiled finish when you do, so I would say use your finger. It doesn’t quite look the same with an eyeshadow brush.

Do I use this palette often? The short answer is no. I have enough eyeshadow palettes with warm colours, so this one sits on the back burner for me. Most of the colours I have in my other palettes. I think the palettes I currently use the most are the Anastasia Beverly Hills – Modern Renaissance, Juvia’s Place – Nubian II and the Coloured Raine – Queen of Hearts palette.


Stay tuned for Part II




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