Searching for Direction in this Crowded Space & Special Announcement!

Searching for Direction in this Crowded Space & Special Announcement!

When I started this blog I had no expectations, zero. I just wanted to share my thoughts with however wanted to listen to my ramblings and musings. I bought all my makeup myself and even disliked the idea of monetising my blog when people would ask me about it. I used to think that my authenticity comes from the fact that I bought the products myself with my hard earned money. I have come to realise that thought was influenced by a number of popular influencers and YouTubers that were being dishonest about their views because they were supposed.

Recently I started to focus on the Influencers such as Jackie Aina who tell the truth about products regardless of it was sent to them as a PR package, and I have come to realise that it can be done, if you stay true to your integrity. You can still be honest about a product on sponsored post or when a company sends you their products. That was a major turning point for me. This blog can be profitable aka a full time job as well as being enjoyable.  Why does all of this matter? 

I am going to be honest with you guys. I work full time in an Investment Bank, and I have been working in Investment Banking since I was 21 (for 10 years!). Yeah I’m an oldie and proud! I wont lie, working in such a fast paced, highly stressed environment has taught me a lot about myself and life. I can push myself mentally and emotionally beyond my limits! Pushing every enjoyable, treasured moment of life aside to make sure you complete your deadline is the norm in these environments.

When I was 22,  I was working from 8am to 11pm every single day! Saturdays were spent sleeping, and Sunday was church day. I didn’t have time to socialise, heck my friends didn’t even call. My main friends were my work friends. Four months after giving birth to my daughter, I went back to that very same environment. I remember telling my husband that I didn’t think my daughter even knew me, because first thing in the morning she was dropped off at her nanny’s and would be asleep when I came home. We did not have time to really bond. I had to go back for financial reasons. Can you imagine how sad that is? It was devastating for me. I used to cry in the toilets at work then put on a brave face going back to my desk. To do my job properly, I had to forget that I had a 4 month old baby at home, and be the best I could be, because that was what I was paid to do.

I think that’s when it hit me. I couldn’t do this for much longer, I just couldn’t. Life is too short to live like this. This was not the life I envisioned for myself or my family. At the end of 2015, I started to really question my life choices and what I wanted in the future. I started this blog as a hobby, then I began to pray for God to direct me to that thing, that thing that is my thing, something that I can be successful at and also enjoy doing. I believe that God blesses the works of your hands so I started to look at what I was doing. The clear answer I got was look at this blog. 

I started researching how I could make this blog a full time job one day. I really enjoy blogging, I really do. So that leads me to my special announcement! 



I have decided to do a series of webinars.

I am not special in the slightest, I go through highs and believe me, I go through low lows, however, I have got some useful experience that I want to share whether it is juggling a fulltime job, motherhood and following your dreams, advancing in your career or creating an app. My first webinar which I will be announcing the date soon, will be regarding juggling the different aspects of womanhood, such as your career, your dreams, motherhood and other things thrust upon us by society. These webinars will be informative and will leave you feeling empowered. So if this is something you or your friends/loved ones will be interested in, please let me know in the comments.




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