MAC Products which are worth keeping in your collection

MAC Products which are worth keeping in your collection

The title of this post sounds hella shady right? Oops! It wasn’t my intention. I just remember when MAC products made up 100% of my makeup collection. The days when MAC seemed to be the only brand that catered for women with my skin tone. I used to go into MAC and feel like I was in a candy store spending all my hard earned coins. Nowadays, there is a lot more variety on the market for women of colour, more options and let’s be honest they are better options. I don’t think I could ever use MAC foundations again, and I am not knocking anyone who uses their foundation, no not at all. I just know that their foundations don’t work for my skin.

However, saying allllllll of that, there are some MAC Products that are not really replaceable for me, and I believe are great for anyone’s collection.


Pro Longwear Concealer

I have tried a sample of this concealer and I love the heavy coverage of this concealer. Remember that a little goes a long way and you have to set this bad boy properly else it can crease on your ass! However, if you have this in your collection, don’t chuck it away, this concealer is pretty good.


Mineralise SkinFinish

Favourite: Gold Deposit

Ooohhhhhh this highlighter is everythang! It looks amazing on medium to dark skin tones as it is more gold-bronze.  It is so pigmented so this is defo a keeper in your collection. I haven’t found a highlighter that matches this shade to date, and I have loads!


MAC Fix+

I think that Fix+ is almost a staple in anyone’s collection. Everytime I run out of it I always miss it. I love this spray. Although it is not a setting spray, it makes your makeup look less cakey, and is great for refreshing and soothing even the most sensitive skin. It has different uses. I haven’t tried high end products similar to this, but I feel as though my Fix+ has that area covered. I love the fact that it works for my oily skin as well.



Favourites: Raizen, Sweet as Cocoa, Film Noir, Ambering Rose

I loveeee the pigmentation of these blushes. They are abit pricey but they last for such a long time, it is worth it. A little goes a long way with these blushes. They are also long lasting on your skin, which is great. This is the only blush that I have hit the pan on. It is just a great blush to have in your collection.


MAC Lipsticks

Now I know there are countless of brands that sell lipsticks, believe me I have tried a few, but I still love MAC lipsticks. I love the fact that that they come in different finishes. If you feel like matte, you can get matte. If you want a more sheer finish, you can get it. There is a lipstick for everybody. I also love the great shades available. You can find a lipstick great for any complexion, which is fabulous. You can find a great red, pink, or nude that is great for your skin tone. My personal favourites are Heroine, Viva Glam III, Rebel, and Velvet Teddy with Chestnut lipliner. Touch is the perfect nude for medium to dark skin tones. They are not the cheapest on the market, but they do last a while.



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