Cleansing Oils | Do they work?

Cleansing Oils | Do they work?

Cleansing your face with oils sounds weird doesn’t it? The thought of rubbing oil on my face to remove makeup sounded like someone just told me to rub fried chicken over my body! I just didn’t get it. How does it work? I have oily skin so why would I rub more oil onto my face?! I was completely baffled by the whole idea. I am used to my skin feeling squeaky clean after I wash it, and I mean squeaky and tight! That is my clean feeling. To my ladies with dry skin I wouldn’t recommend the squeaky clean feeling! So maybe the Oil Cleansing Method works better for ladies with dry skin…I have no idea. I have read that it is good for us oilies as well. Guess we will find out.

I bought the Dames and Dimes Organic Chocolate Cleansing oil that I have been eyeing for months because of the great reviews to try it out. I also tried out the Essential Herbology Purify and Soothe Facial Cleanser. Does these cleansing balms really work?


THE BENEFITS OF THE OIL CLEANSING METHOD (According to the Dames and Dimes website)

Reduce irritation such as itching

Fights the good fight against acne by banishing bacteria 

Replace the dirty oil on your skin with clean beneficial oil

Pulls dirt from pores allowing them to open up and breathe

Nourishes dry areas of the skin and promotes hydration

It reduces blackheads, whiteheads, nuclear warheads and most certainly your worries!

Raises the stakes as it goes head to head against acne, dryness and flaky skin

Strips the skin of its baggage, not of its natural oils

remove stubborn makeup, dirt & grime



£14.00 from here


I make sure that I follow the directions on the packaging to the letter, so that I do not mess it up! So the directions are to rub the product onto your face in circular motions, damp a cloth in hot water, and then use the cloth to remove the makeup. Sounds pretty easy right? I wasn’t sure though, would it remove all my makeup?

First, I applied the balm to my face in circular motion and I could see my makeup disappearing. I had to apply the balm twice to really get all my makeup off. I didn’t really like the greasy feel though if I am honest. It was like rubbing hard oil on my face, which started to liquidise with the heat of my fingers. I loved the smell though. Loved it! It smelt of yummy chocolate orange.

Right so how am I gonna take this thing off? The instructions say run a towel under hot water and use it to take off your makeup. Make sure the water is very hot, because the cleansing balm doesn’t emulsify and you will be left with a greasy mess. DON’T…I REPEAT DON’T use a white towel like I stupidly did! I just literally grabbed the first towel that I had. So as you can imagine, the chocolate-y mess that was on the towel was annoying to look at! My face didn’t feel completely clean though. I had to resist the urge to wash my face again.

So my advice will be to use this as a second cleanser, when you have already taken most of your makeup. The good thing was my skin felt nourished and moisturised afterwards. If you have dry skin this will be great for you, but if you have combination/oily skin, this might be alittle too heavy for you.



(Moisture Replenish)

£30 from here

I got a sample from Space NK, however if you buy the full sized product you get a free muslin cloth with it, which is great!

The instructions to use this cleanser is similar to the first one but because this cleanser does emulsify you can get away with using towel with warm water. Afterwards the instructions say you should splash your face with cold water. The cleanser was easy to apply and had a light refreshing fragrance. With the little amount of cleansing balm I received, it completely dissolved my makeup including waterproof mascara. Wow! It works so quickly, and a little really goes a long way. In less than two minutes all my makeup had dissolved. I used a towel to wipe off the makeup (like I said they provide one with the cleanser which is great value).

Once I splashed my face with cold water, my face felt clean and soft, but not dry. I loved the way my skin felt afterwards. This is definitely a must-have for all skin types. Even with my combination/oily skin it left my face feeling clean and soft! This is defo a win-win.





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