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I love reading lists of the best beauty blogs. I find it personally inspiring to see people killing it in the beauty industry, because I know how hard they work to produce good content week after week. And these bloggers keep it consistent, which is not easy. Trust me.  However, let’s be real,  I really dislike reading lists upon lists of ‘great’ beauty blogs with no women or person of colour present in the list. It makes me shake my head, like what?! Are you telling me that there are no people of colour doing great things in the beauty blogosphere?! We all know that isn’t true. So here is my list of the best beauty blogs that are killing it in the beauty industry at the moment, with their quality content and amazing consistency.


Nerd About Town

Stephanie Yeboah (here)

I can’t remember how I stumbled on this blog, but I was glad that I did. I love the way that Stephanie tackles key issues such as mental health, body image and many more. She is not afraid to speak up about these issues, which we need more of to be honest. These issues are unnecessarily shrouded in secrecy which does not help one bit. We need to talk about it. Her blog is a delight to read. I love that portrays that self-love that we all need in our lives.


Fleur De Force (here)

One thing that amazes me about this woman is how humble she is. I mean she has worked with so many amazing brands, she has written two books which have been bestsellers, she has an eyelash line and she has created a lipstick with MAC! With all of this, she is still the same approachable person as she was when she started blogging and YouTube. She is a great business woman. What she has done so far in the beauty industry is amazing.


In the Frow (here)

Her content is amazingggggggggg. Her photographs on her blog *squeals* #bloggoals.

I love that you can see how much effort she puts into her content and it is paying off for her. You can tell that she puts in the work. Editing is not easy at all. I love her calm and positive attitude to things. She is honest and down to earth, not to mention gorgeous.


Patricia Bright (here)

This woman right here is just shattering glass ceilings in the beauty industry. She has worked with major brands such as Lancome, L’Oreal. Brands that did not used to have one woman of colour in their ad campaigns. She is an amazing business woman, who left her job in the finance industry to pursue YouTube and blogging full time. That is dedication and passion. I love her raw honesty in her videos. I have watched her grow and I am one of those people that actually screamed when she hit one million subscribers on YouTube. Yassss girl!


Grace F Victory

Gracie Francesca (here)

Gracie is real, she is raw, she is honest, and she does not give two hoots about what you think about here. That’s why I love her blog and YouTube videos. I will be honest, there are topics that she covers that makes me choke on my tea, like girl you said that?! But I love the way she talks about mental health, her finances, everything. Her content is refreshingly raw and is like a breath of fresh air sometimes.


Shirley’s Wardrobe

Shirley Eniang (here)

Ahhhhh Shirley…the queen of minimalistic elegance. Her beauty room/bedroom has been goals for me. Her wardrobe is goals for me! I love her style, and her calm personality then she throws in that Nigerian accent and switches it up! Love it. I have watched her Youtube channel and read her blog from the beginning, so it makes me smile when I see the person she has become, I feel like we have grown together. Alright, let me stop. You can tell I am a super fan!


Chinutay A

Manal Chinutay (here)

I love Chinutay’s vibe! She has this positive warm vibe about her. She seems super chilled and just a great person to talk to. I love her makeup looks, they are simple yet gorgeous. What I admire about her is the fact that she didn’t and still feel the need to compromise herself and her beliefs for beauty. She is herself and she is killing it. She recently launched her own luxurious hijabs and did a feature for THE ELLE magazine. Go girl! For me, it shows me that you can be yourself and still be a successful in the blogging/ YouTube world. The market is not oversaturated, do not believe the lies.


Wayne Goss (here)

When I watch his videos, I feel like I learn more about the art of makeup, and how to apply it flawlessly. What I really admire him is that he will say if a product is not worth buying. He is refreshingly honest. He is an experienced makeup artist which helps when he is explaining makeup products and the reasons behind them. He was the main reason why I started to wear primer. He posts consistently and his content is on point. So when you see almost 3 million subscribers on his channel you know why!


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