My Anti-haul – Things I will not be buying!

My Anti-haul – Things I will not be buying!

Hey guys, so I saw this on Youtube on Jennie Jenkins channel and I thought it would be fun to do. I know some of y’all give side eye when I talk about products I love, because it seems as though I absolutely buy everything! Even though I love a lot of products, I don’t buy all of them.

Here are some products released this Spring/Summer that I will not be buying. 


Becca X Chrissy Teigan Highlighter palette

Ummmmmmmm is it just me or this palette looks EXACTLY like the Jaclyn Hill X Becca palette. I don’t know why Becca did that, I don’t know if its supposed to be shady but it really doesn’t make sense to me. So no, I wont be buying this, because I have the Jaclyn Hill palette. If you don’t believe me google the swatches for this palette. It is almost identical to the Jaclyn Hill one.


ABH Aurora Highlighter Palette

This year has been the year of highlighters! Every brand has come out with highlighters in the first 3 months of 2017. ABH has even come out with two! But my question is how many highlighters does a woman need?!!!! I mean I have 3 highlighters that I regularly rotate but do I need more? Hell no! I can only glow so much! Then when I see palettes with pink and blue or what’s the new thing, unicorn highlighters, I am like girl bye! When I see a dark skinned girl rock pink or blue highlighter in broad daylight not just on Instagram, then I mayyyyyyyy reconsider. But until then, no unicorn highlighter for me, I don’t want to look like an ashy black unicorn thanks but no thanks!


Manny MUA X Jeffree Star Collab

I do not buy Youtube collabs with makeup brands. Not because I am a hater, no chil’ Im too busy to be bashing Youtubers like I don’t have a life to live. But because a lot of them are just same old products with a Youtubers name splashed on them to make some money. There are some exceptions to this, I buy Jaclyn Hill’s highlighter palette because she is renowned for bringing out something different and quality, her Champagne Pop highlighter is amazing! No word of a lie. I think that is the only Youtuber that I would buy. I love other youtubers but a lot of their products just don’t do me like that. Do me enough to spend my hard earned coins! So no, I am not that girl that stays up all night, frantically clicking and refreshing the webpage trying to buy a product because its ‘limited edition’. I haven’t got time for that! These liquid lipsticks and highlighter from this Jeffree and Manny MUA collab is not anything special to me.



You know what, no matter what anyone says Kylie Jenner is a hustler. She turned her celebrity status into a million dollar business. My only problem with this brand is the quality. The quality of her products are so bad and they constantly get bad reviews. Some people get empty products, other people get half filled liquid lipsticks, the pigmentation of her blushes and her highlighters are not great, and the packaging…sigh for what you are paying for you would expect more.

I just feel like you are playing a game of Russian roulette when buying her products, not the mention the hefty Customs charge if you ship it internationally. Maybe one day, I will buy something from Kylie Cosmetics, but right now I am like girl get it together!!!!!!


 Too Faced Love Light Highlighters

The packaging of these highlighters look amazing, but the reviews have been abit blah. I have see swatches and they don’t look pigmented. Besides buying Too Faced products in the UK is hard enough, international shipping and customs. If I am buying anything from them, it has to be good.

So there is my list of the products that I am not buying. Which products are you refusing to buy?


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