Do the brush cleaners actually work?

Do the brush cleaners actually work?

Hey my lovelies, how are you doing? I know, I know, it has been a while. All will be explained on Friday

Washing your brushes can be so long, trust me I know! Sometimes I am tempted not to even bother, heck why am I lying? I have gone months and months without washing my brushes before I realised that it affects my skin. Gross I know, but it is what it is, girl feel free to judge away! Washing your brushes is almost a necessary evil. You know you need to do it because of bacteria on your skin and your foundation starts to apply streaky, but you hate standing over your sink, washing brush after brush.

When I started getting into the habit of washing my brushes, I typically use my hands, which can take some time, well probably only 10 mins per brush but that is still time! I put some hand wash or shampoo in the palm of my hands then swirled my brushes in it. I repeat that process until the water from the brushes is clear. What is amazing is how brown the water turns the first time I start this washing process! Yuck! So much product is in the brush.

I have been eyeing these brush cleaners for a while. I saw that Sigma had this brush scrubbing thing but for $25?! Not for me mate, I prefer to spend that money on actual makeup thanks! I decided to look for a dupe on ebay. I bought one from ebay which cost £2.99 (here). Cheap and cheerful. I figured that I will try it and see if it makes a difference.


‘Insert your fingers inside the glove to aid holding it properly or just place tool on your palm.

Add your desired cleaning product on the ridges and grooves and gently clean the brush bristles on the ridges to agitate them.
The small ridges on the top can be used for foaming and lathering.
The grooves in the bottom of the egg are used to agitate the bristles.’


Wow! Wow! This Silicone Brush cleaner actually works! I took my dirtiest brush and put a small amount of the shampoo on the cleaner, and gently swirled my brush into it. Literally after doing it twice my brush was clean! It was so quick and simple. It probably took less than 3 minutes to clean and it cleaned it well. It gave the brush a deep clean. I was so happy, I started doing all my brushes!

What I love about this heart shaped brush cleaner was that you put four fingers in it so it is like a glove.

I definitely recommend this brush cleaner, it is affordable and makes washing your brushes a breeze.

Will you be trying one of these brush cleaners?



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