Bringing the vision to life. How do I bring the vision to life?

‘Average won’t cut it. Here’s the thing about average: it’s average. And you? You’re anything but. You’re built to reach higher. To be stronger. To be faster. To feel your best and still push for better. Average will always be out there. Always stay one step ahead’.

We spoke about creating and seeing the vision (here). Thanks for the positive feedback I have received from you guys regarding how useful this is/ It is really encouraging to hear how women are striving to make a difference in all different areas. Today, let’s talk about bringing that vision to life.


Buy a domain name. Think of a name for your business.

Start to shape and define your idea. At this stage you would know what your idea is about, who it is targeted to,

Read books/ articles in your specific area, and read about success stories and failure stories.

Find out what you need to do to startup. Will you sell your products on a commonly known marketplace? Are you creating a website? Are you selling a product or a service? Where will you sell it? How would you sell it? How will you make money?

Speak to other people in the same area as you. Please get rid of the idea of competition. I am not saying share specific business secrets but do not let the fear of competition stop you from moving forward. While I was creating my platform, I spoke to so many people, just to get their perspective, and funnily enough I learnt so many new things from them, things that I overlooked



Next week we will look at how I created my logo/branding


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