How to grow your Blog by 35,000 views in 12 months

How to grow your Blog by 35,000 views in 12 months

Hey guys, I will be talking about how to grow your blog by 35,000 views in just a year. I have just reached my blog anniversary and I achieve my goals.

I don’t want you guys to think I am bragging about my numbers. Far from it actually. I wrote this post to help people who are looking to start a blog/some sort of creative medium. I decided two days ago to just post it. To be honest, I was happier about the fact that I had lasted a year in blogging more than anything, because anyone who knows me will tell you that I get incredibly passionate about something one second and then I get bored with it after like two minutes. I really do have a short attention span and I get bored easily. Damn! I sound like my two year old. Oh dear!

So as you know, I started this blog without many expectations. I was determined not to let the fear of the unknown hold me back but I made sure that I was well prepared when I started blogging. I did alot of research on how to have a successful blog because I wanted to create a blog that I would read. If my blog had the same quality as other blogs that I was interested in, I would be happy.

For me, this blog is more than numbers for me anyways. Knowing that I am putting out content that helps you in some way shape or form is more motivating, but I know how it is when you are just starting out and you want to make your blog more visible.

So lets get to it.

How did I do it? How can you get 35,000 views in one year? Averaging 9,000 views a month?!


Set targets

I set myself a target, so I gave myself something to work to. My target was not in terms of numbers but more in terms of content. I decided that I wanted to post 4 times a week, come rain or shine. I want to keep my content regular. I chose Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. I did this for the first 4-5 months of starting my blog. So my advice to you if you are an aspiring blogger/vlogger, pick two or more days in a week and provide content for your viewers or readers on those days. Communicate with your subscribers that these are the days that you will be releasing content, so they know when to expect blog posts or YouTube videos.


Create your own voice

I literally write how I speak. I personally don’t like reading blogs where I can’t ‘feel’ the writer’s personality through the post. My voice is me. I think that it is important to find your voice because that is what makes you special and what makes your creative space unique. It will help your content to be more approachable and relatable to the people reading or listening to you.



This sounds like common sense but so many people do not do it. You want to be a successful blogger, Youtuber, you need to be consistent. Putting out a video or blog post once a month or once in every two weeks is not enough. One of the main ways of getting the views and subscribers you want is to consistently put out content. Give it 120%. When I started I set myself a target of blogging four times a week, now I try to blog three times a week.

Think of for a second, all your favourite bloggers and youtubers consistently pump out content, and they did so even before they were popular. Who cares about how many views you get, just keep on putting your stuff out there. When I started, my first month I got 50 views and I was posting 4 times a week that month (17 blog posts). I just ignored my numbers and kept on going. I would encourage you to do the same.



Type into Google ‘ColourPop on Dark Skin’, ‘Coloured Raine on Dark Skin’ ‘NYX Lingerie dark skin’ Whose blog comes up? Mine. My one is the one of one of the first results and this is a way to get more eyes on my blog. How did it get there? Through SEO aka Search Engine Optimisation. I actually went to the Google Campus and sat down with one of the guys there and ask him to spell it out for me in a way I would understand. It is basically using keywords that you use to get your blog to the top of the search results in google. I am probably over simplifying it but if you want the full explanation, you can research it.

If you use wordpress the YOAST plugin is your friend. It does the hardwork for you. Those keywords need to be in the content of your blog post. If your content contains the keywords and phrases that people search for, then your post will keep on coming up.

In a nutshell, create quality content which you know your readers or audience are looking for, if you keep on doing this your traffic will increase.


Social Media Marketing

Get used to marketing your own blog. I was never really into social media and never understood how it worked. I see it differently now. By spending quality time improving my social media accounts, I draw traffic from my social media accounts to my blog. Gaining more followers on Instagram is another topic for another day, but in a nutshell, you want to market your blog on your social media accounts.


Market Research

You need to research what your readers want to see. I watch a lot of Youtube, so I get an idea of the types of topics people are watching. Or sometimes I am genuinely interested in something, I try and search it in google. If I can’t find it, then I will do a blogpost on it. Its that simple. Think of your target audience. Where do they go to find information? Go to that platform and see the topics that come up. Use it as inspiration for yours. Don’t plagerise though, basically stealing someone’s work and passing it as yours. Make sure you credit the owner clearly.

So there you have it, these are the things that I use for my blog, that worked for me. I hope you found it useful.






  1. Kofoworaola oluwole
    March 3, 2017 / 5:19 pm

    Very well said hun…..the sky is your limit .
    You are doing a great job with your blog .

    • thatredl
      March 7, 2017 / 9:52 pm

      Thank you so much

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