What items should go in your ‘On the go’ makeup kit?

What items should go in your ‘On the go’ makeup kit?

I will be honest here, I do not wear makeup everyday. There are some days when I have slept on time the night before and I am feeling well rested that I feel alert enough to throw on foundation and eyeliner but most days I don’t wear anything. I tend to focus more on my skin care to make sure that my skin looks good because I notice that especially in winter my eczema tends to flare up.

However, something I find really useful is essentially having two makeup kits, and even though I don’t wear makeup everyday, I still carry my ‘everyday / on the go’ makeup kit around with me. The ‘on the go’ makeup kit is a makeup bag with the essential things you need, no more than 10 items, which can be used for a quick touch up or emergency situations such as office parties. It has to be compact enough to carry it around with you on a daily basis. Also, there is the ‘full beatdown’ kit which has everything you need to beat your face into submission. That kit is left at home, cos I know some of y’all have a suitcase and dragging that around everyday is alot! Haha!

So here are the essential things you should have (more or less) in your ‘on the go’ makeup kit.


Eyebrow pencil or products

Eyebrows are so important ladies, you cannot put on makeup and your eyebrows are not done. It isn’t complete. It is like eating chicken without the skin! What is the point of life?! Ok, slight exaggeration but the eyebrows need to be done! If you have naturally bushy or full eyebrows, all you need is an eyebrow gel to tame the hairs. You are so lucky! But if you are baldilocks like me, using a eyebrow pencil/gel/powder can make a massive difference. Eyebrows frame your face.



The key is to pick your most long-lasting foundation. If you are oily.com then pick your matte foundation, and if you have dry skin, pick up the foundation that makes your skin look dewy but also lasts on your skin for a long time. The reason I say this is because, if you collect foundations like I do, it is easier to go for the one that looks the nicest on your skin, but that doesn’t always equal to the most long-lasting. You really do not want to be working with a shiny face halfway through the day. And to be honest, constantly blotting or leaving brown fingerprints wherever you go is not fly! God forbid you hug someone and leave a massive foundation stain on their shirt or top!

If you have great skin, a concealer would do.



I love taking a highlight with me, because you can use it to give you that subtle glow during the day, and you can build it up if you are going out after. Another reason I love it is that you can use it as a eyeshadow. Great right?! So if you have a medium to dark skin tone, take your gold/bronzy highlighter, not the highlighters with pearly undertones because they can look too much during the day. 


2 X Lipsticks (one nude and one bold)

Two lipsticks are essential because if you have an unexpected client meeting, office party, drinks you can put on the bold lipstick, crank the highlighter up a notch, use the highlighter as an eyeshadow, wing out that liner, layer on that mascara and you look put together and ready to slay. The nude or subtle lipstick can take you through the day. The bold lipstick can take through the night. However, if you wish to wear the bold lipstick throughout the day then go ahead girl! I love women who wear their bold lipsticks during the day without a care in the world!


Mascara and Eyeliner

This makes a subtle yet profound difference. I say profound like I am talking about tackling world poverty or going to Mars! *side eye* but it does make a difference. If you have sparse and thin eyelashes like me, then go for the ultra black volumising and lengthening mascara. Also, defining your eyes with eyeliner just adds that extra va-va voom to your look.


Setting Powder and Fix + Spray

If you have extra space, throw in some powder to set your foundation in place and keep it matte and oil free. Also, a quick spray of MAC’s Fix+’s spray after you finish touching up your makeup will help the makeup to settle into your skin, and prevent it looking cakey especially after a long day at work.

Throw in some samples of your favourite perfumes and a travel sized mouthwash/toothpaste or some chewing gum and you are good to go.



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