Airspun Setting Powder. What does it look like on dark skin tones?

Airspun Setting Powder. What does it look like on dark skin tones?

Hey guys, so here is another review for y’all. So I’m that type of person that reads the comments, the comments of everything. I even read the comments of YouTube videos or blog posts before watching the videos! The comments section is where the party at, don’t forget who told you! So I was doing my usual reading through the comments and I noticed someone mentioning this airspun setting powder and how amazing it is. Ooooohhhhh my curiosity antennas were wriggling as they do, so I had to try it.


What do they say about this powder?

‘Coty Airspun Face Powder is an exclusive Microspin formula available in 14 complexion matched shades. Provides a longwearing, flawless finish to set makeup or may be used instead of foundation. 


  • It’s blends with your natural skin tone Ideal for setting makeup.
  • A great alternative to foundation You will look natural instead of made up.
  • It’s Provides a longwearing, flawless finish to set makeup or may be used instead of foundation.
  • Powder particles are swirled and smoothed by racing streams of air for cloudlike softness.
  • Tints are spread finely through the powder lying evenly and flat on your skin for a flawless finish.’


How much did it cost?

£12.95 from here.



I did not have any thoughts or opinions about this powder before I used it because I had frankly never heard of it until I read about it. All I know is that I was praying that translucent was truly translucent on my skin tone, because I really am not feeling the casket ready look! 

First thing I noticed was the smell. It smelt like an old grandma who wears floral clothes, and smothers herself with that heavy perfume. No shade to grandmas but the smell was overpowering and noticeable. Thankfully the granny perfume goes after you apply it. Thank the heavens!

I liked was that it really set my concealer, similar to my Laura Mercier powder. It didn’t crease through the day and kept my concealer from sliding. I didn’t leave the powder on for too long when I was applying it because it can make me look ashy if left on too long, so I let it sit for a few seconds then dusted it off. It is great for oil control as well, which I loved.

I prefer the colour of this Airspun translucent powder because it had a warmer undertone than the Laura Mercier powder, which suits my golden undertones better. 

All in all, I was surprised on how well it set my concealer. It is definitely a winner. My only problem with these translucent powders is that they are not completely translucent for medium to dark skin tones, so I can’t leave it on my skin for too long else I can look ashy and it leaves flashback. I definitely could not use it as foundation! They obviously were not trying it on someone with my skintone! #justsaying!

I just wish I could get rid of the smell, it bugged me even though I know that it shouldn’t because it disappears. I just hate putting perfumed things on my face because of my ezcema. It screams irritation, do not touch! 



  1. sharon
    September 12, 2017 / 9:32 am

    I just stumbled in your blog and im in love.

    • thatredl
      September 12, 2017 / 8:21 pm

      thank you so much for your comment x

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