My ‘Two Eyeshadow’ Makeup Look | 6 easy steps

My ‘Two Eyeshadow’ Makeup Look | 6 easy steps

Hey my lovelies, how y’all doing? Great I hope! If not, then hopefully I can cheer you up.

Using eyeshadows can seem so complicated. Similar to the offside rule in football, I just couldn’t understand it. I looked at an eyeshadow palette, and I might as well been trying to figure out quantum physics because I didn’t know where to start from when looking at all the colours. What do I apply to my crease? In fact what is a crease in my eye?! However, the turning point came when I mastered my ‘two eyeshadow’ look. Yup, I only use two eyeshadows and I am good to go. This ‘look’ looks more glam than just the winged eyeliner on its own, and it is simple to achieve. It is great if you need achieve the glam look in a quick and simple way.


1 – Choose your two eyeshadows

Get two eyeshadows, one matte medium to dark eyeshadow and one shimmer eyeshadow. You want a brown that is a few shades darker than your skin tone.

A matte eyeshadow has no shimmer or sparkle. I used Kenya (matte dark brown) and Zuri (Shimmery champagne) from the Nubian 2 palette. You can intensify the look by adding more brown depending on the look you are going for.


2 – Find the right brushes

I used 3 eyeshadow brushes. Yup, just three. I used the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease which is ‘soft, oversized design for effortless contouring’ and the Real Techniques Base shadow brush which ‘applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color’ from the Real Techniques Eye Starter set. These brushes are amazing by the way. Fluffy brushes are great for blending out harsh lines.

I also used Juvia’s Place J111 Definer brush. I used this brush because it is flat so it is easier to pack the eyeshadow on my eyelid.

3 – Prep your eyelids

Before applying your eyeshadow, prep your eyelids with eyeshadow primer (Urban Decay’s Primer Potion is a great option) or concealer. This will provide a base for eyeshadow to stick to and allow the colour of the eyeshadows to pop more. Blend out the primer or the concealer with your finger, so that it is evenly spread on your eyelids.


4 – Find your crease and apply your crease colour

Once that is done, take your base shadow brush, dip it lightly into your dark brown matte and apply it to the crease of your eye. To find your crease, use your fingers to feel the hollow part of your eye. remember everyone is different so your crease could be higher, lower, or deeper than someone else’s. Your crease is between your eyebrow and your lid. some people say it is ‘the skin that unfolds when you close your eyes’.

Apply the matte eyeshadow in a sweeping, windscreen wiper motion. You know how a windscreen wiper goes from left to right…do that with the eyeshadow in the crease. Try not to apply too much shadow at first, just build up the eyeshadow a little bit at a time to you get the deepness you want.

5 – Apply your shimmer shadow

Use your flat definer brush to pack the shimmer colour onto your eyelid. Pack on this eyeshadow, trying not to go to your crease. If you want to increase the intensity, spray some FIX+ spray or some water onto your brush and dip it into your shimmer colour. Once you are happy with your eyelid colour, apply a little of that shimmer colour to your inner tear duct.


6 – Blend

Once you are happy with your eyeshadows, use your blending brush to blend out the eyeshadows. Blend the part where the shimmer shadow meets the matte eyeshadow. Blend out the matte eyeshadow so that there is no harsh lines whatsoever. We don’t want any harsh lines so take your time to blend well.


Voila you are done! Do your liner, add your lashes and you are slaying honey!


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