The Good, the Alrights and the Ugly of Liquid Lipsticks | Part 2

The Good, the Alrights and the Ugly of Liquid Lipsticks | Part 2


You know those makeup products that confuse your soul. One minute, you pick it up and think ‘I like you’, then next minute you remember why you don’t reach for it on a daily basis.

It is like when you are hormonal, and you are about to start that time of the month *ladies know what I am talking about here’, and for some reason you just cant stand people who on a normal day you actually like! Like why are you talking to me, why are you even touching me, heck why are you even breathing in my direction?! Can you just disappear?!

Thats how I feel with these liquid lipsticks, there is a love-hate relationship going on. An ‘its complicated’ relationship status.


Coloured Raine 

Shades that I have: Rockstar, Cherry Blossom, Oooh La La, Spiked Punch, 2am

I know, I know I rave on about these liquid lipsticks. I found the perfect red for all skin tones with this brand, but can someone tell me why it is so dryinggggggg. Like really drying. Maybe because it is winter and my lips are already prone to dryness, but why couldn’t these lipsticks be slightly more comfortable. I literally just grin (or try to grin) and bear it because I love the colour range and the unique colours so much.


Colourpop Ultra Matte 

Favourites shades: Limbo and Tulle

You cannot beat the affordability of Colourpop, no one can and believe no one has…yet! Thats why I love them. They have so many colours that you are like a kid in a candy shop when you start shopping on their website. But the formula is not comfortable on your lips. No ma’am. However, because they are $6 you try to get over the discomfort quickly. It does not change the fact though, these lipsticks are not the most comfortable lipsticks out there.


NYX Soft Matte 

Shades: Prague, Abu Dhabi, Transylvania, Copenhagen

Now I am going to sound like I just cannot be pleased….maybe I cant, but my problem with the Soft Mattes is that they are not matte enough. They are incredibly comfortable and I love the colours available. They are affordable and easy to purchase from UK drugstores. But they just don’t last long on your lips. They move around and transfer. I wish they dried down a little bit more. However, I will continue to use them because I love the shades.


(Coloured Raine Swatches)


I see these lipsticks as a waste of my money. I have not reached for them since I bought then and have dashed them away somewhere.

These lipsticks are the ones that if Stephanie (my daughter) uses them to paint the house, I will more upset about the walls of my house than the lipsticks. Y’all know I keep it 100, so I will say how I feel.


Revlon Matte Liquid lipsticks 

Shades: Passion, Addiction

Excuse me? Which matte? Where is the matte in these lipsticks, please tell me?! These lipsticks are just normal lipsticks, there is no matte-ness there at all. Also the shades are not really interesting. I was really excited seeing a drugstore matte liquid lipstick but this didn’t cut it so I gotta cut it *dances*


Colourpop Metallic Lipsticks

Shades: Mugshot, Man Eater, Flitter

I really disliked the shades. I found that majority of the range didn’t suit my skin tone. I think 3 out of 10 suited my dark skin tone which isn’t the best track record for Colourpop. I also didn’t really like the finish of the lipsticks. They were not matte and they felt really light on the lips which meant that after 1-2 hours you had to reapply it because the color simply disappeared. If you want a metallic lipstick, I would try other brands rather than Colourpop. 


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