My most hated products of 2016

Hey guys, so I got the inspiration to do this on one Saturday night when my hubby and my daughter were fast asleep. I realised that I haven’t shared with you guys the products that I hated in 2016. Y’all know I buy alot of makeup. I like to call myself a ‘makeup enthusiast’ aka ‘ a makeup addict who needs to be checked into makeup rehab’! Ahhhhhh well, you only live once!

These are the products that I hated in 2016, well ‘hate’ is such a strong word, let’s say ‘ products in 2016 that I seriously disliked and wish I had not wasted my coins on because they are causing makeup clutter in my collection!’. I know I may have spoken positively on some of these products at first, but the more I used them, the more I realised that nahhhhhhhhh this product does not do anything for me! It doesn’t bang like these young people will say! Also, its my personal opinion so feel free to disagree if you have tried these products and they worked for you.



One of my favourite YouTubers came out with a ELF eyeshadow palette in 2016 and I rushed to buy it. I was sent these brushes (plus other products) by ELF as a replacement for the eyeshadow palette. At first I was pretty chuffed that I got a brand new set of brushes, but let me tell you something! These brushes……no words! Actually I do have words, why the hell are these brushes so fluffy and wispy?! Even the foundation or complexion brush was fluffy. Now I know some of you are thinking fluffy brushes are good, they are good…for powders such as blushes, but not for foundation. You need dense brushes for foundation, basically brushes where the bristles are packed tightly together, to get more product. The bristles on these brushes are also quite sparse, in a weird way. Like did they run out of bristles or something?

I think out of the 11 brushes, I am only able to use 2 of them. These brushes are only great for pictures! #justsaying



Arghhhhh! This product annoyed me! I was so hopeful! A drugstore matte liquid lipstick is right up my alley. I also had high hopes coming from a brand such as Revlon. But let me tell you this liquid lipstick is not matte….at all! Its more like a cross between a gloss and a normal lipstick. There is no matte-ness whatsoever. I was waiting for it to dry down into a matte lipstick and it never did so I had to reapply constantly throughout the day. It smelt nice, like sweets, but if you are looking for a matte lipstick don’t even bother reaching for this.



I bought this based on a YouTuber’s review and it was rubbish even though the YouTuber raved on about it *side eye*. The colour pay off was rubbish. Everytime I tried to use it, I got frustrated because it didn’t show up on my skin. No thanks….NEXT!



I know, I know I tried the whole range of these metallic lipsticks but there were a few things that I didn’t like which is why I don’t reach for them at all. The shades in the range were very hit or miss. Alot of the shades were very…interesting my skintone. Like if I ever walked out with some of those shades, please feel free to question my mental health! Of course I know that not every shade in a range should suit my skintone but come on! Only a few of them suited my skintone, which is what actually prompted me to buy the whole range, because I couldn’t see any swatches online. Also, apart from the fact that I received some of the lipsticks with messed up applicators, I just was not feeling the consistency. Some of them had a mousse-y consistency, which was comfortable at first but it meant constant reapplication throughout the day. That was abit annoying.



I bought this foundation as part of my ‘one brand makeup look’, and as much as I liked the fact that Topshop had shades suitable for my skintone, this foundation just wasn’t it for me. Firstly, I really do not like cushion foundations because I feel like it is a sly way for these companies to get more money off you because you do not know how much product is in the foundation. You cannot see how much product you are buying and how much you are using. Also this foundation is too sheer, it is very light in coverage so I could still see all my blemishes and everything after application. It was like I was applying brown water on my face and building it up to a medium coverage took ages. I guess if you like a light coverage foundation then maybe for you.



I was initially quite happy that I picked up this palette. The colours looked great. However the pigmentation is so poor, that even by swiping my fingers on the shades did not pick up as much product as I would have liked. If it is like that using my fingers, how much more an eyeshadow brush! It taught me a lesson though, always test the pigmentation or read reviews where they test the pigmentation before buying an eyeshadow palette so that you do not waste your money.



I disliked these liquid lipsticks so much that I gave them away. They were sooooooooo drying and were incredibly hard to remove. I know I love a matte lipstick but come on, I don’t want to have to peel off a layer of my lips to get it off! The shades are great and the pigmentation of the lipsticks are top notch, but just the fact that my lips felt raw after using them, which I never felt with other liquid lipsticks just put me off them.



Now I am going to sound so salty here, because I have never tried these lipsticks but its not that I hate these products, I am just tired of them. The unnecessary hype regarding these liquid lipsticks, when they are just liquid lipsticks and a lip liner. The way people were going on about it, you would think that it was sent by God himself! There were so many mixed reviews about this liquid lipsticks and it cost an arm and a leg for shipping, so I decided to let this trend pass me by and I don’t feel any way about that.

So there you have it guys, these are my worst products of 2016. What are yours? Leave a comment below 🙂



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