How to Spot Fake Dose Of Colors Liquid Lipsticks

I think Dose of Colors Liquid Lipsticks have one of the best formulas for liquid lipsticks. They are comfortable and light on your lips but matte. The formula is spot on. Hands down this is one of the best liquid lipsticks out there. I bought a couple of shades from when my friend went to America, so I didn’t have to pay for international shipping. Yup, I have to save these coins! I love the shades that they have, they are quite unique, which is a great thing.

I haven’t done a full review here because even though there are UK stockists such as, they kept on going out of stock of all the colours I wanted, and I have just checked now and they no longer stock the liquid lipsticks at all *weird*. If you want to get your hands on these liquid lipsticks, you will probably have to ship them from the US or get them from eBay and pray for the best!

For this reason I wanted to see what the fake versions of this liquid lipsticks looked like.


(real one on top; fake one on the bottom)

I have to say that the packaging on the fake one is prettty close to the real one. But looking at the two liquid lipsticks quite closely I can tell a number of small but important differences

  • The font on the fake one is different to the real one
  • The ‘discover your inner beauty at and the ingredients is light grey on the fake one, whereas it is black on the real packaging.
  • The real one has a code on the back of the packaging – ’15H877′ but the fake one doesn’t.
  • the tubes are virtually the same
  • Applicators are soooo different! The real one has a white wand with a large soft doe-foot applicator. The fake applicator is crazy. It is a clear applicator with a thin, flat applicator which doesnt feel comfortable when you are applying it to your lips.

  • The top of the bottle where the lid screws on is silver on the fake one, and it is white on the real one.


The shades are the biggest difference. Purple Rain is a unique type of purple, which I have only been able to find with It is a purple with blue undertones, so it is a cool purple. It is a unique colour which I love.

Now the fake one had a different shade of purple which was quite noticeable.


The consistency of the fake dose of colors liquid lipstick was runny and patchy on application. The real one has the creamy pigmented texture that smelt of vanilla cupcakes, which I love.


I know Dose of Colors liquid lipsticks are hard to find and ship to the UK but it is better to just wait for the real ones. The fake ones are quite bad and the colours are just not the same.




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