Using a SiliSponge to do my Makeup | Does it work?!

Using a SiliSponge to do my Makeup |  Does it work?!

2016 was definitely about my Instagram feed being filled with people trying and using things to apply their makeup that frankly should not be used on someone’s face! I saw spoons, knives, Vagisil as a primer, Sanitary pads to apply their foundation. Lord have mercy! Usually I see this nonsense and I keep on scrolling! No shade but come on guys, is the struggle so real that we cannot use normal makeup products and makeup brushes anymore?! The day I look at my Always sanitary towel and think ummmmm I should use this to apply my foundation is the day I deserve to be slapped! Just saying!

However, I saw these ‘SiliSponges’ on Instagram and I was curious! Darn, Instagram can make you do things or buy things that make you question your own sanity! Like, why did I buy my 17th purple lipstick?! These SiliSponges from Molly Cosmetics kept on selling out, so I managed to get them on the 8th restock.

What do they say about these interesting sponges?

‘Wasting products is history now cos, of course, it doesn’t soak in a thing! The foundation needed is literally just half the amount compared to directly using brush or sponge. Spreading product with it will take some getting used to, final blending can always be finished with oval brush or usual sponge (for example beautyblender), that means washing the oval brush or the sponge will be minimized and they will last a whole lot longer. It is ideal for people who don’t like messy fingers during makeup. AND I bet you can imagine cleaning THIS APPLICATOR will literally take no more effort than rubbing it with a little soap and rinsing with some luke warm water. If you are a professional makeup artist, can you imagine how exciting it is that you can use it on one client/model, clean it with a makeup remover and sanitizing spray, and then you can use it on another client/model immediately just like that? Throwing away disposable sponge can totally be minimized!!!!’



When I opened my package, my husband asked ‘why did you receive implants in the post?’ Yup, that’s exactly what they look like. I bought two of the  Silisponges. Or I should say small silicone implants. So I am basically using silicone implants to apply my makeup…joy! I was not impressed. I thought they would be bigger for some reason.

I used this sponge to apply my primer and my liquid foundation.


Rubbish, absolute rubbish. Don’t even bother wasting your money!

I put my primer on the sponge and tried to apply it on my face, which didn’t go too badly. But the foundation was a hot mess. The problem with this sponge is that there are no air holes or anything, so you are smearing, yes smearing your foundation on your face. Girl, when I tell you that blending with this sponge was a myth! When you use a brush, you are buffing your foundation into your skin, so it blends well and looks like your skin, only better. Not with this sponge! You end up smearing it to try and get it to blend, and the foundation ends up sitting on your skin, like a covering.

Dabbing the sponge just doesnt work, you just keep on smearing it, like you are cleaning a table until it looks somewhat decent. I had areas underneath my eyes that were unblended. Also, when you use a makeup brush it takes away some of the excess foundation which almost controls the amount of foundation on your face, which is a good thing. This sponge does not do that, which is not the greatest. However, to be fair I should have used half a pump of foundation rather than a full foundation.

So yeah, don’t waste your money and fall for these hypes. Makeup brushes are not expensive. Real Technique brushes are super affordable and are good quality. These £5 makeup brushes on eBay are even better than this sponge (here).

Have you tried these Silisponges? What did you think?


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