10 Situations that Makeup Lovers will understand


When I see a sales consultant pull out foundation that is 10 shades too light for my face for my foundation trial. Do I look tanned to you?! L


When I look hella rough but someone says that I look good. Really?!


When I see someone carrying a Sephora bag on holiday. I must trace where that bag has come from!


When my face has been beat into perfection and my edges are laid for dinner and the night is rubbish. So I wasted all this makeup for nothing! Someone is going to get hurt! 


When I am writing a review about a rubbish makeup product that was expensive.


When my bills go through after buying excessive amount of makeup that month! Yes! Thank you Lord!


When people think blogging is a ten minute job…are you really trying to be annoying today?!


When I get the new liquid lipstick!


When that over-hyped highlighter has gone out of stock 5 mins after release!


 But then, after spending hours on the internet, I find a way to ship it from the US! Can someone shout halleluiah!!!


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