ColorBlend Deluxe Xtreme Lips | First Impressions and Review

ColorBlend Deluxe Xtreme Lips | First Impressions and Review

I have been meaning to do this review for the longest time, so here it is.

ColorBlend is makeup company founded in the UK. I actually did an interview with Kesha the founder (here), and she spoke about the inspiration behind the brand and I love it! I love it when I see black owned businesses. I love it when I see women especially women of colour rise against all odds. I decided this year that enough is enough. Enough with the critical comments about a woman’s appearance. Enough with the constant negativity from one woman to another. If I see or hear such conversations, I just slide to left and out of the conversation. I decided this year to use my voice to empower, lift up and encourage other women. So when it came to ColorBlend Makeup, I was so pleased to see a woman tackling a need that is so apparent in the UK Makeup and Beauty industry.


Price: £12.50

Colours: Iconic and Chaotic (20 colours available)



ColorBlend kindly sent me two lipsticks to review and I bought one of my own.

I have always been sceptical about lipsticks claiming to be matte, because they never seem to be truly matte. I was so surprised with these lipsticks because they are so easy to apply and they are matte. They felt so creamy and moisturising but they lasted all day! All day! My lips felt moisturised, rather than feeling like my lips are about to disintegrate into ashes. The pigmentation of these lipsticks are amazing.

The formula of these lipsticks are spot on.

The only thing I would say is that I wish there were swatches on the website. I found it hard to choose the colours that I wanted based on the colours shown on the screen. Swatches on the website or on their social media would be really helpful. However, I was really happy with the colours that I chose. I need to buy more!







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