Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder on Dark Skin | Is it better than Sacha Buttercup Powder?

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder on Dark Skin | Is it better than Sacha Buttercup Powder?

I have heard so much about this Laura Mercier setting powder but if I am honest, I have been been putting off this purchase. I was worried about the powder being too light. My chocolate ladies will understand me when I say white powder + dark skin = ashiness. It is quite a simple and logical equation! And people tell me my maths is poor! When I see white powder, I think of baby powder, no matter how translucent they claim to be. I use and swear by my Sacha Buttercup Setting Powder, which is perfect for medium to dark skin tones. However, saying all of that, I still succumbed and bought the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. I swear my self control when it comes to makeup is -100, completely nonexistent! Lord help me!



With multiple major awards and counting, Laura Mercier’s “best in beauty”, cult-favorite bestseller is your go-to setting powder. Loose powder feels luxuriously dense in the jar, feels incredibly soft and silky-light on your skin. Pros love the super smooth application: goes on evenly, blends effortlessly, provides great wear. Sets makeup without adding weight or texture.

Creates a modern matte finish with a touch of sheer coverage. The translucent shade works on virtually all skin tones.

Like all Laura Mercier Setting Powders, it has a soft-focus effect that subtly blurs the look of fine lines and imperfections. Doesn’t settle into fine lines or pores and never looks cakey.



£29 (from here)


A little goes a loooong way with this powder. I lightly pressed this powder on the areas on my face that I had highlighted, let it sit for 5 mins then dusted it off. I was worried about whether the powder was truly translucent, and it is. Once you dust it off, you cannot see the powder or any white residue. It is very finely milled, similar to the Sacha Buttercup powder and feels incredibly light. It has a silky texture. I do have to say that they were right the powder doesn’t settle into my fine lines under my eyes and doesn’t look cakey.

What surprised the most about this powder was the oil control. I don’t know what magic Laura used in this powder but it gets rid of all shine and almost mattified that area of my face. I tell you no lies, my concealer did not move all day and I wore my makeup for hours. It did not crease, it did not disappear, it stayed put all day. Even my husband commented that my makeup looked ‘nice today’. I don’t know if he was slyly throwing shade, but I chose to take it as a compliment!

I tested it by wearing it with a light primer and with my Hourglass Cream Foundation (review here). I noticed that the areas where I didn’t use the powder became shiny. I am not sure if I can use the powder on my whole face, I will try though since it is translucent.



I just applied my makeup, around 8am in the morning.

On my lips: NYX Soft Matte Cream in Copenhagen


After 8 hours

(As you can see my lipstick didn’t survive! Sorry about the photo quality!)



If you have some coins to spend, then this powder is the shizzle and more! A little goes a long way which is great because it means that the powder lasts a long time. For my oily skin ladies, this powder is IT! It set my concealer so well, I was amazed. The areas did not become oily all day. I am not so sure if this product will work as well for ladies with dry skin, so I would advise you to ask the sales consultant to try it on you.

Is it better than the Sacha Buttercup powder? Yes it is.

Have you tried this powder before? What did you think?



  1. Oge
    December 10, 2017 / 8:05 pm

    Hi. What shade did you use?

    • thatredl
      December 12, 2017 / 8:00 pm

      Hey, do you mean shade for the Laura Mercier powder? I used the ‘Translucent’. Hope that helps x

  2. charm
    February 13, 2018 / 9:12 am

    Hi There
    The colours I have seen come in 1-3..So which one would work for golden dark skin?

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