5 days of Trying New Products | Day 5: LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation on Dark Skin Tones

5 days of Trying New Products   |   Day 5: LA Girl Pro Coverage Foundation on Dark Skin Tones

I love the LA Girl Pro Concealer. Heck, I don’t love it, I adore it! There is the tiny problem of it creasing under my eyes but it is affordable and comes in so many shades. When I saw the LA Girl Pro foundation, I needed to try it. I am so happy that LA Girl is finally in the UK, we have been waiting for this for ages! Well, you might not have but I have! Their products are always really affordable and cater for women of all skin tones. As a dark skin woman, I feel confident that I am able to buy products from this brand that will suit my skintone, which is great.

It is only available online though which is not the greatest.



‘A lightweight, full coverage foundation ideal for creating a flawless finish.

Developed to deliver seamless results every time, the PRO.Coverage HD Long Wear Illuminating Liquid Foundation is perfect for creating looks that last. The weightless, hydrating formula glides onto the skin imparting gentle hydration and incredible coverage so you can create radiant camera ready finishes whilst caring for your skin.’



There are 15 shades available. 5 shades for medium to dark skin tones


£9 (here)



I bought the wrong colour!!!! This is what I really dislike about buying foundation online. You are not sure whether the colour will suit your skintone. I bought Warm Caramel (Medium to deep skin tones with toffee undertones). I think I should have bought Rich Cocoa (Deep skin tones with bronze undertones). As soon as I put some of the product on the back of my hand, I knew it wasn’t going to be a great experience *sobs*. However, I really wanted to test this foundation so I had to make it work. I added a little bit of my darker foundation and voila! It matched my skintone.

I wore the foundation to work, so I didn’t highlight, contour or any of that jazz. Ain’t no-one got time for that on a work day! I literally moisturised my face and put on this foundation. Talk about putting it to the test!

I was pleasantly surprised when I wore this foundation. It is medium to full coverage, and it is buildable. I have to say though that it didn’t feel hydrating at all. It felt like a normal matte foundation which is ok for me, as I like a matte foundation, but my face didnt feel hydrated. I dont think you can have a hydrating matte foundation, can you? It sounds like two opposite ends of the spectrum. Or maybe you can? Please let me know in the comments, because I genuinely would like to know!

I found this foundation long lasting which is a major plus point for me. It is also really affordable.


BEFORE (On my way to work – 7am)


AFTER (at 8pm)



I wish I got the right colour! But besides that, the foundation is great. It is matte and lasts for over 10 hours. I didn’t get oily and I didn’t have to retouch or reapply my foundation at any point during the day. The foundation also did not transfer. It was not hydrating however, so I will be interested to find out how this looks on ladies with dry skin types.



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