5 Days of Trying New Products | Day 1: Topshop Beauty on Dark Skin

5 Days of Trying New Products |  Day 1: Topshop Beauty on Dark Skin


Shades: 5.0 & 6.0 (6 shades available)


I picked the two darkest shades because I wasn’t sure which one would suit my skin tone. Shade: 6.0 is slightly darker than 5.0. I bought mine online but when I walked into my local Topshop, they had testers for the darker shades which I didn’t expect! Well done Topshop for coming through with shades suitable for women with dark skin tones. However, for my ebony, dark chocolate ladies I couldn’t find a shade darker than 6.0 so you may find it difficult finding a suitable shade in this foundation.

This foundation is a cushion foundation, where air pockets are in the sponge ‘cushion’ to create a lighter application. You press a sponge into the ‘foundation cushion’, and apply it. The foundation is light coverage, so if you are after medium to full coverage, this foundation is possibly too sheer for you. However, it is buildable. When I applied it, I could still see abit of skin, if that makes sense. It meant that the dark areas on my face were not completely covered, so I used a colour corrector first.

The difference between 5.0 and 6.0 was minimal. I thought I could use 6.0 for a contour shade, but it was my exact skin tone. Shade: 5.0 looked ashy on my face. To give you guys some context, I am NW45 and the Topshop foundation in 6.0 was my shade.

The colour match was pretty good. I was surprised. The thing that annoys me about these cushion foundations is that you cannot see how much product is in the cushion so you could be paying more for less product. However, this foundation is £12 so it isn’t that expensive in the first place.



Shades: Get Me Bodied & Boardroom

£8 each

The Lip Bullet is like a lipstick in a pencil form. Twisting the bottom to get more or less product. Both of these lipsticks felt really creamy and moisturising on my lips. They have alot of colours available, and I absolutely loved the way Get Me Bodied looked against my skintone. It is perfect for this time of the year. I didn’t really like the way Boardroom looked. It is a ‘greige’ colour, a mixture between grey and beige. I would prefered another colour. I did like the feel of the lipsticks when I was applying them.


WHEN I JUST APPLIED MY MAKEUP (Foundation and Lipstick)




This is NOT a matte foundation. After a few hours, my forehead and my nose was so shiny that I could have fried plantain on it! Well, not only plantain, I could have fried eggs, in fact yams as well! Made some nice nigerian yam and egg on my forehead! This foundation doesn’t claim to be a matte foundation, so to all my oily/combination skin sisters out there, you have been warned. The oiliness highlighted the bumpy texture of my skin, which I am still working on. I used my strongest primer (BECCA Primer), set my face with finishing powder and used setting spray and the oil still came through! *sobs*

The lip bullet is not matte. It does not dry to a matte finish nor does it feel matte. The colours did transfer and it started to disappear in the centre of my lips. Please ignore my dry lips, I didn’t want to apply vaseline because it may have affected the lipstick! Talk about taking the ‘no reapplying’ thing literally!





I will rate Topshop for coming through with shades suitable for women with dark skin tones. I wish they had 2 more shades after 6.0 for foundation but I am happy that they are starting to recognise other skin tones.

The quality of the products are good and they are affordable.





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