Where Have I Been?

Where Have I Been?

Hey guys! Long time no speak! I would love to say that I took some time off blogging to recharge my batteries, but that would be a lie! I just felt like crap to be honest! My hairdresser was on a two week vacation and my hair looked like I had placed a dead animal on my head! Don’t even get me started about the day when I noticed at work that my wig was the wrong way round! *sobs*. I’ve been comfort eating, grabbing anything containing sugar and carbs, so my skin was a mess. So with all of that, I just couldn’t be asked to take pictures! You know that feeling when your hair isn’t slayed to the gods, your skin is not cooperating, and you could see the result of a summer of over-indulgence when you try to fit one leg into those unforgiving Topshop jeans?! Yup, I felt like that.

I think I just felt overwhelmed and exhausted but I am back now! So here are some things that I have been working on and are coming soon:


#glow20k Giveaway!

I constantly underestimate myself. I think it is something I need to work on! When I set this target to reach 20k views on my blog, a part of me thought I was imagining nonsense but hey, here I am staring 20k views and I can’t believe it! The theme of the giveaway is ‘Glow’, just because I think it is important to glow from within and also on the outside. So all the items in the giveaway will be centered around that. I am still in the process of putting the giveaway items together, but stay tuned! I will make sure it is a great prize for the winner.


ThatRedLipstick App

Planning, designing, testing this app has taken up so much of my time but I love the concept of this app and I hope that you will love it to when it launches. In a nutshell, it is for women of all skin tones and all hairtypes. I like to think of it as the Uber/Trip Adviser of Beauty services.

If you are a makeup artist or a hairstylist, get in touch! I would love to hear from you.

I have a separate page on this blog so check it out.


Makeup challenges/reviews/looks

I haven’t done a challenge in a while and I actually enjoy them, so I have a few challenges coming up. I want to do the ‘no brush’ challenge and the ‘no mirror’ challenge. I am also going back to my first love and doing reviews on products. Do you guys have any other challenges that you would want me to do? Or a product that you would like me to try? Leave a comment for me below.


Basically, I want to hear more from you guys. What do you want to see on this blog? Career advice? More of my musings? Reviews? Let me know. So feel free to leave a comment below.


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