Full Face Makeup Look using only H&M Beauty Products

Full Face Makeup Look using only H&M Beauty Products

I recently tried Primark’s Matte Lipsticks and I was pleasantly surprised. Surprised that four of the six lipsticks that I tried, looked good against my skin tone. This time I wanted to take it a step further by buying all the makeup products that I need for a full face from one brand and I chose H&M.

When you think of H&M, you probably think one step higher than Primark in their clothes. Most of their pieces, basically the staple pieces are affordable and they have the ‘standout’ pieces that are slightly expensive, but they tend to be worth it in quality.

I did not know that they had makeup and beauty products at all. I have never thought to go to H&M for makeup. So naturally I wanted to try their products, to see what the quality was like and most importantly, to see whether they have products suitable for my skin tone. Unfortunately they did not have any swatches on their website, none whatsoever, so it was a guessing game for me.


H&M Eyebrow Pencil – Espresso

This was the darkest colour available, so I thought that this would be great for me. Errrrrrrrr no! This eyebrow pencil looked ashy on my skintone. It was like a dark brown/grey colour. I really tried with this eyebrow pencil, but it just was not working. I actually let out a sigh when I started applying this product. Who wants ashy eyebrows?! Not me thanks!


H&M Eyeshadow Palette – Aubergine Dream

The colours in this palette looked amazing but when I tried them out I was a little disappointed. Actually, let me back-track.  The palette has a combination of matte and shimmer eyeshadows. The matte shadows were really good. They were easy to blend and pigmented. The dark brown was a great transition colour and the black eyeshadow was very black which I liked.

The shimmer colours however were a fail for me. I even applied Urban Decay’s Primer Potion to the centre of my eyelids to intensify the colour but it wasn’t happening. The pigmentation was just not there and I could barely see the shimmer. It was a shame because the palette looked so nice.


H&M Liquid Eyeliner – Charcoal

I loved this liner. The liner was thin enough to draw my winged liner quickly and precisely. My liner still looked jacked up though, not because of the liner but because I was racing against time to do my makeup before the natural light disappeared! One thing I did notice was that the liner did not dry matte, it still remained shiny. But all in all, it is a good liner.


H&M Foundation Palette – Dark

The darkest shade in their liquid foundation was Ebony, but I wasn’t sure it would be dark enough for me. The pictures made the foundation look quite light. So I decided to go with the foundation palette in ‘Dark’. These shades looked more suitable for my skin tone, and I could use the deepest shades to contour. Sounds like a win-win situation right? Well, unfortunately it wasn’t all great news. Good points first. This is a cream foundation palette and the foundation blended well. It is medium-full coverage and is buildable. One of the shades in the palette was exactly my skin tone which was an impressive surprise.

However, getting the foundation out of the palette was not easy. I had to use my smallest foundation brush and my fingers to apply the foundation to my face, then use my buffing brush to blend it out. It took me over ten minutes to get my desired coverage. It was longggggggggg! Also, it felt like I was applying a thick concealer on my face, because of the texture of the cream foundation. I didn’t really like the feeling on my skin. It felt too heavy on my skin.

I used the darkest shades for my contour which blended out well, but it was not dark enough. I used a little bit of the black eyeshadow from the eyeshadow palette to deepen the contour.


H&M Concealer Palette – Medium to Dark

I used the darkest shade in this palette for my highlight. It was ok, nothing to scream about. The concealer was not thick enough and didn’t really have as much coverage as I would have liked.


H&M Powder Blusher – Berry Pink

I loved this blush. The packaging of the blush was sleek and easy to carry around. The colour was perfect for my skin tone, and it was pigmented.


H&M Highlighter – Champagne Gold

This is a liquid highlighter. I thought it was a gold highlight but it had white undertones, which did not really suit my skintone. It was abit too light. However, after blending it in, I managed to make it work.


H&M Liquid Lipstick – The Last Word

Arghhhhhhh! I picked the wrong colour. From the website I thought this purple would suit me, but I was so wrong. It was a really pale lilac colour which did not work for me. I used my MAC Whirl Lipliner to try and save this colour but it still was not great. The formula of the lipstick was pretty good though. Long-lasting and very pigmented. It dried to a matte finish very quickly and it smelt of sweets which was nice.


Overall Rating: 6/10

There were hit and misses for me in this collection.

Have you tried any H&M makeup products? What did you think about them?


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