Primark Liquid Lipsticks on Dark Skintones | First Impressions and Review

Primark Liquid Lipsticks on Dark Skintones | First Impressions and Review

This is a question for the Brits amongst us. When you want super cheap clothes and shoes that look relatively decent, what is the first store that comes to your mind? Primark isn’t it? Primark is great for cheap clothes, you know simple tops, cardigans, jeans etc, and the quality isn’t too bad. The quality is not too great either if I’m honest. If I was to tell you to buy your makeup from there, what would you say? You would probably look at me like ‘Temi what on earth are you talking about?! I can buy cheap granny knickers from there but I don’t play with my face!!!!”.

Yes, I feel you. I would probably say the same, but recently I have been curious…and y’all know what that means! I will buy it. What is their makeup line like? Is it any good? So I went searching and picked up 6 matte liquid lipsticks. Yes, from Primark….I didn’t even know they sold matte liquid lipsticks! You can’t buy their products on their website, so you have to pick it up from their stores.

They were £2 each which is pretttyyyyyyyyyy good! Compared to the £15 liquid lipsticks I buy, I wanted to know if these lipsticks are comparable. And to be honest, sometimes, you just want to buy good ol’ cheap products!

So here goes…actually let me say a quick prayer! Lord…please don’t let me react to these lipsticks! Amen!


 I bought 2 PS Metal Matte Liquid Lipsticks: Queen (metallic pale gold) and Goddess (metallic burgundy).

4 PS Super Matte Matte Liquid Lipsticks: 01 Kim, 03 (it didn’t have a name), 04 (another one without a name), and 08 Kiki.

I am hoping that these Liquid lipsticks are the British version of Colourpop…you know the super cheap liquid lipsticks that are good quality.

These Liquid lipsticks are not bad at all! Ok, wait let me take a step back. It seems that the Metallic lipsticks have a different formula to the Super Matte lipsticks. I really like the formula for the Super Mattes. They are easy to apply, and pigmented enough so that you could get the full colour with 1-2 coats. They did crack at the corners of my mouth slightly after a few hours but it wasn’t anything major. They are long lasting as well. I loved the 3 of the 4 Super Matte lipsticks, the first colour was NOT for me!

On the flip side the Metal Matte formula was horrible. I didn’t like it one bit. I know metallic lipsticks are hard to get right, but not for me thanks. What was bad about the formula? Firstly, they did not have much pigmentation so I had to apply 3-4 coats to get the full colour. Secondly, it was patchy on application. Thirdly, after about an hour they started to crumble on my lips to the point where I had to reapply. Fourthly, they were not long-lasting.

All of the liquid lipsticks had this sweet smell, they smelt like diluted Ribena….that’s my best description! Oh and by the way, there are no shade descriptions or swatches on the Primark website. I couldn’t find any samples to swatch in the store that I went to. However, the packaging does show the true colour, which is good thing.


This colour is too light for my skin tone. It just didn’t work.

queen primark



If you look carefully, you can see that it has already started to crack on my lips! Nope that it is not because of my dry lips, it is the formula! Not impressed. I like the colour though. It reminds me of 3am one of the Colourpop Metallic Lipsticks.

goddess primark


03 KIM

Like I said this colour is NOT for me. When I started applying this liquid lipstick, I could see that it was not going to end well, so I ran to quickly get my brown lipliner to rescue it! With a brown lipliner this colour is less offensive to the eyes, but without it….if you have dark skin like me, I would say run farrrrr away from this colour. Unless of course you like this look then go ‘head gurl! 

primark kim


03 (no name)

Loved this colour. As you guys know, I love my reds hence the name of this blog! But this is definitely a red that flatters women with medium to dark skin tones. I love it. 

03 primark


04 (no name again)

This is a perfect berry colour for Autumn. It is a deep plum colour.

04 primark



This colour is life! It is a very very dark plum colour. I think this is the darkest berry lipstick that I own or have tried on. It is darker than MAC’s High Drama. I love it. I am happy to have this colour in my collection. If you are going to get any lipsticks from Primark, this colour should go straight in your basket! 

kiki primark





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