What goes through my mind whilst shopping at Sephora

What goes through my mind whilst shopping at Sephora


When I spot Sephora, the black and white sign draws me in like a moth to the flame. It is so mesmerising. Child? What child? Husband? Where? The loud cries for mum become more and more faint as I start to move towards the promised land!

I will jump through traffic, knock people over, just to get to that store. Sorry but not sorry! Get out of my way. Ludacris’s song starts to play in my head…’move, get outta the way, get outta the way!’ I have an adrenalin rush as I head to the store. Everything else around me becomes a blur as I zero into the store. I am like a lion hunting it’s prey. No distractions please or you will get hurt!

When I am finally in, I am like a kid in the sweet store. So much makeup. If this is what heaven feels like….Lord take me now! I am ready!! I take a basket and I don’t know where to start looking! I go from concession to concession, just throwing everything and anything into my basket. Yup, I do need all these makeup products and the several bottles of skincare products. Care goes out of the window! I finally feel free, this must be my calling in life! I feel so alive! I start humming and doing a little happy dance, I even start twerking when I find makeup products that I can’t get in the UK. A lil’ twerk never hurt anybody! Well, my interpretation of a ‘twerk’. I come back to my senses and realise that there is a man looking at me weirdly. I compose myself quickly and remind myself that I am in public!

I become deaf to everyone around me. My concentration is at an all time high! I have never concentrated so hard in my life, even during my exams. In fact if I had concentrated this hard through my academic career, I would have passed with flying colours.

I see the Anastasia Beverly Hills concession, the Sephora brushes, the Kat Von D concession….this is definitely what dreams are made of.

I grab 5 Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks. My preciousssssssss, I feel like Golum from the Lord of the Rings. I probably look like him at this point! I glare at the woman eyeing my goodies with the expression that says ‘touch me and die’! My flight or fight response kicks in when someone takes the makeup product I was aiming for….well just my fight response! I am ready to get rachet on anyone at this moment!

I look at the time and notice that I have spent an hour in the store already and I am not even done yet! My child is probably suffering from neglect from her mother and hubby is probably dying of boredom and starvation outside the store. But, but….I haven’t finished! I wail internally! After I have grabbed a few more goodies, I start to make my way towards the tills and slowly look at my basket and start to mentally calculate how much money I am going to spend….what?! £300?! How is that even possible?! Then I remember that those 5 lipsticks are $20 each, that Sephora brush is $30, then it starts to make sense.

I slowly start taking things out of my basket, and this takes another 20 mins as this is an agonising decision. When I finally start walking towards the tills, all the little cute products catch my eye, and I want to throw them all in. But I remember that I am already over my budget so I grab one or two interesting looking makeup products. Who doesn’t like hand cream shaped like a banana that smells like…bananas?

The cashier gives me an understanding look as I am still not sure if I made the right decision leaving that lipstick behind. I eventually give her my card and mumble a short prayer under my breath! Lord, please don’t let me be embarrassed today! Today is not the day! This is not the place!!! My card goes through, and I whisper a silent prayer of thanksgiving! Thank you Lord!

I leave Sephora feeling like I have won the battle, the war, everything!!!! Who said my problems cannot be solved with makeup?!!!





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