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The honest truth is that lately I have been struggling with my time. I just wish I had more hours in the day! I mean 24 hours just doesn’t seem enough anymore. My day starts at 5:30 am and it involves taking my daughter to her nanny or to nursery, commuting to work and getting to work by 8:30am. I check my phone regularly during work to make sure that I am keeping up with my emails, managing my other projects outside of work. At lunch, I am either writing a blog post or making phone calls. After a long, usually intense day at work, I leave around 5:30pm (5pm on a good day and if I didn’t have a lunch break), battle through commuters to get a seat on my train, rush home, play with my daughter, put her to bed, have a chat with my hubby about the day, blog and work on my other projects.

These tips are helping me to manage my time better, because I believe I am not utilising my time well:



I have to realise that I cannot do everything. I want to create something that helps people, I want to blog, I want to be a good wife, I want to be a good mother, I want to do well at work…but no, I cannot do it all. Something’s got to give and it cannot be my marriage or my daughter. As a woman, society imposes a glass ceiling on you and constantly makes you feel guilty for wanting it all. If you are like me, you want to break that glass ceiling, but in the process, you can gain scars. I have to realise I cannot give 100% every time, in everything, without dropping the ball in a few areas. I try not to beat myself up when I do drop a ball, but the point is, for me to manage my time better, I need to let go of one or two areas. I am thinking of letting my daughter go especially as she is going through her dreaded twos and has an opinion about everything!….haha! I am joking. But I hope you understand what I am saying. I cannot have a banging social life, while building my empire….well I can, if I just don’t sleep!



Organisation is soooooooooo important. The days when I am not organised, my life suffers. I find that when I am not organised, I don’t have much time for my husband, for my daughter, for my family and friends etc. When I am organised, I am able to use my 24 hours wisely, rather than wasting my time stressing and worrying about missing one thing or another. For example, it takes me at least 4-6 hours to create a blog post, from taking pictures, to writing a skeleton post and then fleshing it out. When I am organised, I take my pictures when I have a few hours free on Saturday or Sunday while Steph (my daughter) is taking a nap, and I start fleshing out blog posts on my lunchbreak. I then schedule my posts throughout the month. Think about it this way, if I don’t organise my time, I have to spend 4-6 hours after work, which means I cannot bath my daughter, and I am catching up with hubby while furiously typing away at my laptop. Not ideal.



It is easy for me to neglect my physical, and mental health. I work myself so hard, and then when I get ill, I am surprised. Taking a break can be just stepping away from your phone or your laptop, it could be taking some time out by yourself away from noise, it could be scheduling a ‘pamper’ day regularly. Whatever it takes for you to unwind, please do it. Stress is so bad for your body, physically and mentally. Alot of us are under so much stress, but we are so used to these situations that they become the new ‘normal’. Take care of your body guys, you only have one life.



Alot of the time, there is someone out there that can help you with a problem or challenge that you have been battling with. You just need to find them. Recently, I had a task that I needed to do for my project outside of work, and I just knew that I did not have the capacity to do it. I asked a friend, and it turns out that she had some free time, so she helped me out. You see? Don’t be afraid to ask for help or opinions. There is no shame in asking. Sometimes, we are so afraid of being made to look like an idiot, that we struggle on our own, without asking. Like I always say, what is the worst thing someone can say? The worst thing they can say is no, and then you can move on.



Before, I need a good 8 hours sleep to feel even slightly human the next morning! Although since my daughter has arrived in this world, I go by on 5-6 hours. However, lately I have been finding it hard to switch my brain off. I go to bed still thinking about the things I have done, and the things I need to do. It usually means that I don’t sleep well. Mental and physical exhaustion slows you down. Sleep improves your memory, helps you live longer, maintain a healthy weight, lowers stress and many other things. I find that when I don’t sleep well I eat more sugar while I am awake, I forget things, I am more irritable and I get stressed easily.

Girl, that magic thing that makes you feel better about life in general is sleep! Don’t underestimate it!


I hope you found these tips useful. If you have any more tips, please leave them in the comments below.


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