My Massive Makeup and Beauty Haul | Sephora, Duty Free and many more

My Massive Makeup and Beauty Haul | Sephora, Duty Free and many more

I recently went on a week long vacation with my mum and my daughter to Dubai. If you remember, I spoke about Dubai being on my travel bucket list (here), so I was really excited to go. We stayed at the amazing Waldorf Astoria in the Palm Jumeirah, thanks to the British Airways sale! Our every need was catered for. I would recommend it to everyone and anyone!

Let’s just say that my bank account took a hit on this trip, not on food and transport but on beauty products. There were many things I wanted from Duty Free, and from the Sephora in the Middle East. So as man shall not live by bread alone, I will be doing a self imposed fast to spend less now that I am back! Nah, I am joking, I love food too much but I will be cutting back!

One thing I love about World Duty Free shopping at the airport is that it is cheaper than buying from outside the airport. It is tax free (which is 20% in the UK). I always write a list of things that I really want, put money aside towards it before I travel, then buy the items before I fly out. I always allow myself enough time to walk around before my flight. One thing I should mention though, is that these makeup brands rarely stock the darker shades in their airport concessions. It is really annoying because they basically stock the shades they believe will make them money, and darker shades apparently are not as profitable. It is very annoying.

So here are the things I bought from World Duty Free and Sephora:


Huda Beauty Eyelashes

Styles: Scarlett #8, Lana #10, Sasha #11

I have heard so much about these lashes, but I have not had the chance to try them. If you saw the stampede in Sephora in the Dubai Mall for anything HudaBeauty, it was crazy. Everyone was basically grabbing anything from the concession, so I managed to grab these three lashes before they sold out.



Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks

Colours: Sad Girl, Potion, Vamp 

I love Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks, they are one of the best ones out there. My full review is here. It took me ages to select the colours I wanted, because I set myself a ‘3 lipstick’ limit to stop myself going overboard. I picked up these colours after swatching them. I think they are perfect for Autumn and I will be wearing these colours alot. I finally got my hands on Vamp after being scammed before on eBay!



NARS #jetsetter Orgasm Face Set (Traveller’s Exclusive)

Contains: Orgasm Blush, Orgam Liquid Illuminator, Orgasm The Multiple, Orgasm Lipgloss

Apparently the NARS Orgasm blush suits all skin tones, and flatters everyone. I wanted the blush but I didn’t want to spend £23 on one blush, considering I am not really a ‘blush’ kinda girl. This set for me seemed like a great choice because the Lipgloss on it’s own costs £19.50 and the blush is full sized. The set costs £42 and you also get miniature versions of the Multiple and the Illuminator, so it is great value for money. Well, for me anyways!




Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer potion

Colour: Eden

My trusted NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk has finally run out so I needed a new eyeshadow primer. Ladies if you don’t use an eyeshadow primer before applying your eyeshadow, then you need jump on this bandwagon quickly! They make your eyeshadow looks to last all day without creasing or simply disappearing. They also intensify the colours. People rave on about Urban Decay Primer potion so I thought I would give it a shot.


MAC Lip Pencils

Colours: Whirl and Current

Who doesn’t love lip pencils? Especially with my undefined full lips, wearing a lip pencil or lip liner makes a ton of difference. MAC’s Lip pencils are life, but they are not cheap. You can use them to line your lips or as a full lip colour. Whirl is a colour that I have wanted for the longest time, but it is always sold out. I love that mauvy / dusky pink lip colours, so I was happy to finally get my hands on this. Current is a deep plum colour which is perfect for this time of year.

MAC Eyebrow Pencil

Colour: Stud

I actually bought this for my sister, but I am considering keeping it! Sorry Rach! I have to say that this eyebrow pencil is not value for money. It is one of those pencils that you have to wind up and it runs out in less than 4 months if you use it everyday. However, I love the way my eyebrows look when I use this pencil. It is darkest brown and gives my eyebrows that defined yet natural look.



Gucci Guilty Platinum

Mens Fragrance (Limited Edition)

This was a present for my hubby. He loves perfumes so I wanted to get him one from Dubai. I was told that this perfume literally came out a few days ago…I don’t know how true this is but I loved the scent. He was so happy with the perfume, as well as the numerous miniature Salvatore Ferragamo Body Washes that I ‘borrowed’ from my hotel! Don’t judge me!


A little suming suming for me…Chanel Earrings

So this was an impulse buy, I have always wanted earrings for special occasions. You know when I’m out on date night with my hubby, a girl needs to look good you know! Got to switch it up just a lil bit! I love the pearls on these earrings, and that the ‘CC’ sign is small and not in your face.




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