Beauty from Ashes | Encouragement

Beauty from Ashes  |   Encouragement

Life is unfair sometimes. Sometimes we face challenges that we don’t believe we deserve. Sometimes we think doesn’t God know that this problem is the last thing I need right now? Sometimes you actually believe that you must have done something wrong to offend the powers that be because nothing seems to be working. While everyone around you seems to be flying to the greatest heights, you are barely crawling. Every day is another struggle; being happy is a chore.

I just want to encourage you that beauty comes from the ashes.

What are the ashes? That loss you suffered, the challenges that threatened to break you, those painful tears that you cry behind closed doors, the disappointment from unanswered desires, the shattered dreams. Beauty comes from those situations.  

Earlier this year, around my 30th birthday I experienced a loss, actually not one but two losses. I lost my babies. It was one of the most painful and heartbreaking experiences I have ever had. And it still is. I remember feeling like I was just existing rather than living…if that makes sense. I kept on blogging because that was one of things that allowed me the luxury of focusing on something other than pain. I blamed and hated myself for failing to do something that women are naturally meant to do. Yes, I have a daughter but that didn’t make it any less painful. Trust me.

A month later, while I was still mourning my loss and fixing on that smile, I started to think about my business idea that I have been trying to launch since 2014, but had failed. Was this the right time for me? After all the money and time I had wasted on it in the past, was this the right time?

I decided to go for it and I feel more determined to make it work this time. Why? Because I am stronger, better and more determined to make this life count. Despite all the challenges that life has thrown my way…I am still standing, I am still here.

I hope this encourages you guys, that despite what you have gone through or are still going through you will emerge a stronger and better person. Your beauty will emerge from the ashes. You have to believe that. There will be times when life’s situations threaten to drown you but keep fighting to get your head above the water. Keep on going and pushing through the pain and disappointment. You will emerge stronger and better on the other side. Personally I find that after these challenges my vision of what I want in life becomes clear and unfiltered because i focus on what is truly important rather than on distractions.

Let me put this out there, I didn’t write this for sympathy. I wrote this to encourage you.

To end this on a positive and happy note!

What do you think of new logo? I love it!  

There are more exciting things in the pipeline that I can’t wait to share with you guys in the future! I’m working flat out to make sure that it is the best thing since chocolate, cake, flowers and all the great stuff! Stay tuned 😊


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