Repairing Broken Compact Powders | 6 Easy Steps

Repairing Broken Compact Powders | 6 Easy Steps

I am so clumsy! I have smashed two of my compacts specifically my highlighters. My Anastasia Glow Kit and my MAC Gold Deposit. Then my darling husband went to smash my BECCA Champagne Pop *sobs* I think there is a curse in my house….that highlighters will not prosper in my household! I need to break this curse, because I need to glow!!!!!! I need that Glow!

I did some ‘googling’ and found that there is actually a way to repair broken compact powders. I tried it on my MAC powder, just in case it didn’t work!


Break the compact powder into small pieces in a bowl

I had a mini heart attack at this point and shed a solitary tear while I was mashing up the rest of the powder. It initially looked like I was making things worse but I decided to keep on going! The tip is to make sure that all the powder is mashed into fine powder else you can get lumps when it dries.



Pour in two small caps of rubbing alcohol or surgical spirit

Finding rubbing alcohol was not easy. I checked the drugstores and they didn’t have it. From my research, you can’t just use any alcohol, it has to be a specific kind. They sell rubbing alcohol in the US, but not in the UK. Thank God for Amazon, I found the rubbing alcohol on the website. It was not too expensive either. It was £4-£6 for a big bottle.


Mix together to get a creamy consistency. If you poured too much alcohol, you can use tissue to soak up the excess.

I mixed the alcohol and the powder until it formed a paste like consistency. 


Use a spatula to smooth it back into the palette.

I didn’t have a spatula so I used an old nail file! I know, I know, it is a bit ratchet, but I was a broken women suffering from a broken heart…I mean palette!


Leave to dry for a day 

I anxiously waited, checking every few hours to see how it would turn out! 


Voila you have your compact powder back!

Well, let me not lie to you guys. It does not look the same, but it works in the same way. Praise the Lord, He has restored my glow!!!!!



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