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We are now at the end of summer, and at the beginning of autumn as known as ‘fall’. Summer was quite interesting and there were some makeup products which I discovered this summer. I’m happy that I mostly stayed away from the hype. I say ‘mostly’ because I slipped a few times, but I got up! Hallelujah! I got back up and stayed true to myself and my bank account.

Many YouTubers, well known brands, celebrities released makeup products this summer from liquid lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, face palettes amongst other things. Highlighters took centre stage this summer. Getting ‘that glow’ was almost as essential as giving blood! Yes, it was that deep! 

There has also been drama in the makeup community this summer. From people slating Kylie’s Lip Kit, to the boycott of Jeffree Star’s makeup products because of his bullying and racist comments, to the fall out between Jeffree Star and Kat Von D, to the Juvia’s place drama with a Youtuber and a customer regarding the way the company treats their customers and the people who work with them to promote their products….it has been a lot! The beauty industry has been busy indeed! I’m just sipping my tea in the background with a raised eyebrow thinking all this shade-throwing on Social media and YouTube is blocking out my sunlight! And I need my sun!

So as we move to autumn with the dark lips and nails, here are my list of products that I really liked this summer:



I got this product as a free product in my magazine and I am not ashamed to say that I love getting products in magazines. It is a great way to try new products without paying the full retail price for them.

I was not sure about this eyeliner initially because it is a felt pen, and I have used felt pens and they tend to dry up really quickly. However, this one is different. It has lasted all summer and it still has not dried up. It is really good for a winged liner because of the thin tip, so my winged eyeliner game has been slowly improving! It lasts all day and doesn’t budge even in the heat. I find that alot of liquid eyeliners bleed in the warm weather. I love this eyeliner and I will be buying it again.




All I can say is lifesaver!!!! If you have oily skin and hate looking like an oil slick, then this primer is the one for you. Granted, it is a little expensive, but it is definitely worth it. I can wear my NARS All day Luminous Foundation which I look without melting into a pile of chocolate-y goo-ey mess.






Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid Lipsticks (Full review here)

I finally got my hands on three of these liquid lipsticks and I absolutely love them. I had to ship them from the United States which I am trying to refrain from, but they were worth it. They are comfortable on my lips without my lips feeling dry. One of the best liquid lipsticks that I have tried..ever! I love the colours that I chose: Soft Lilac, Vintage and Rio as they were perfect for the summer. I really want some vampy colours for autumn/winter such as a deep red and a deep blue.



I got this palette pretty late in the summer, well practically the end of summer, but I love it. I have been using highlighters (Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop) and the blushes alot especially Pamplemousse (matte pink blush). I don’t really care for Amaretto (matte light brown) because it didn’t show up on my skin tone, but I really like all the other colours.


Juvia’s Place Nubian 2 Eyeshadow Palette (Full review here)

This was another late summer purchase, but I haven’t put it down since I have had it in my collection. These colours are great for my skin tone. The eyeshadows are great quality and they are really pigmented. I recommend this eyeshadow palette for all women of colour. Did I mention that it is black-owned? Yasssssssss! We gotta support!

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