Juvia’s Place The Nubian 2 Eyeshadow Palette | Review and Swatches

Juvia’s Place The Nubian 2 Eyeshadow Palette | Review and Swatches

I have never really been an eyeshadow person. I was happy using my Sleek eyeshadow palette for around 2 years, only reaching for it when I felt adventurous. However, as I started becoming more interested in makeup, I started looking for an all rounder eyeshadow palette, that had the perfect combinations of matte and shimmer shades. I have come to realise that applying eyeshadow is not as hard as it looks. If you have good eyeshadows that are pigmented and easy to blend, half of the work is done for you. 

I wanted a palette that had a matte dark brown and matte orange for my crease and transition colour and some shimmery colours for my lid. More importantly they had to show up on my dark skin tone. It is annoying when the colours do not show up on my skin tone or they look ashy.

I have heard a lot about Juvia’s Place eyeshadows, both positive and negative. The positive aspects are that the company is black-owned, owned by a lady named Chi Chi and her eyeshadow palettes are designed to suit women with medium to deep skin tones and women. Finally! The colours are highly pigmented and show up on all skin tones, especially medium-dark skin tones. However, there have been several complaints about the way in which the company deals with their clients. To be honest, I wanted to try this company out for myself before passing judgement.

I didn’t have problems with the shipping or the quality of the products. In fact, the shipping easy and faster than I anticipated, so I personally do not have any complaints about this company. Just to be clear, I am not dismissing the negative reviews and people’s experiences of ordering from this company, especially since I have ordered from them only once, however I personally did not had a problem with Juvia’s place.



(First row of eyeshadows: Morocco, Madagascar, Sheba, Yaa)

Morocco – Burnt orange (matte)

Madagascar – Medium brown (matte)

Sheba – Vintage gold (shimmer)

Yaa – Bronze (shimmer)



Second and Third row of eyeshadows

Jezebel – Plum (matte)

Zuri – Peachy gold (shimmer); similar to MAC’s Ricepaper eyeshadow

Cleopatra – Navy blue (shimmer)

Nefertiti – Gold (shimmer)

Nairobi – Light Gold (shimmer)

Leyla – Deep Purple (shimmer)

Kenya – Dark Brown (matte); similar to MAC’s Embark eyeshadow

Egypt – Deep Forest Green (shimmer)




I love this palette! All the colours work perfectly for my skin tone. There are 12 eyeshadows to stuck into. I wish they had had put a matte black colour and it would have been complete, however I am happy with this palette as it is. The matte colours are perfect for transition colours and crease colours. The shimmer colours are life! They are great colours for dramatic eyeshadow and also for the subtle glam looks. These eyeshadows are so pigmented and they blend out really well.  They are soft and creamy to the touch. The hype for this eyeshadow palette is perfectly justified! This is by far my favourite palette to date, and I have tried loads.

The packaging is simple and sturdy. Your eyeshadows feel protected. These palettes are sold for $30 (around £23) which is pretty affordable for the size of the palette.



I searched and searched for where to buy these palettes in the UK. I would have liked to get it shipped internationally however, I didn’t want to get hit with unexpected custom charges. I have been hit by too many lately!

If you are shipping from the US to the UK, beware of the pesky custom charges! You cannot predict how much it will be but it can really vary! It is the receiver’s responsibility to pay for these charges and they are not included into your international shipping. However, Juvia’s place do international shipping so if you really want these palettes, they will ship to the UK.

One of my friends went to the US so she kindly picked up my order for me. However, I found a place in the UK that sells them. The only place in the UK in fact: www.makeupmart.co.uk. Be mindful that I haven’t ordered from them before, but they seem to have hard to find US makeup products on their site.






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