BECCA X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette on Dark Skin | Reviews and Swatches

BECCA X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette on Dark Skin | Reviews and Swatches

I succumbed guys! I did and I am sorrrryyyyyyy! I know I tell you not to bow into ‘Instagram’ pressure to buy makeup products, but I did with this one. What am I talking about? The BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Face Palette. I was intrigued more than anything, to see how it worked on dark skin because I had not seen many reviews of this palette on dark skin tones.

Anyone who has tried BECCA products know that they are not cheap! Their prices are not for the faint-hearted, however, I have to say that the quality is amazing. The quality of their highlighters are amazing. I own the single Champagne Pop highlighter that was released earlier this year. It is amazing. That was why I wanted to try this Face Palette. Also, I am really into palettes at the moment because whilst travelling they make life easier rather than taking a lot of singles.


‘This palette gives you all the glow you could want—all in one place. This limited-edition, covetable BECCA x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Collection Face Palette features five shades of highlighter and blush to illuminate all skintones, allowing you to customise your looks.

Get the iconic Champagne Pop and new shades designed by Jaclyn Hill. It includes two Highlighter shades, two Mineral Blush shades, and a Luminous Blush hue in Rose Spritz for a pop of color. Mix and match the shades to create endless layers of light and colour for your perfect, custom glow. Just sweep the creamy powders across the face, or layer them to highlight your favorite features with universally flattering shades. This palette is perfect for achieving your own, glowing look.’


£48 from Space NK


There are 5 colours in this palette, a mixture of highlighters, matte blushes and a shimmer blush. The two highlighters are: Champagne Pop and Prosecco Pop. The two matte blushes are: Amaretto and Pamplemousse. Rose Spritz is the shimmer blush. Although the shades of this palette look beautiful, when I opened my palette for the first time, I immediately saw a shade I knew wouldn’t work for my skin.

Amaretto (matte light brown blush): As a light brown blush, I knew it would not show up at all on my skin tone. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and just like I thought, it didn’t show up on my skin when I tried it. I mean a blush is supposed to add colour and warmth to your face so I am not really sure why light brown is considered a blush. Maybe it works for lighter skin tones, but definitely not for me. So that leaves only four shades for me….*£48 divided by 4 equals…*

Rose Spritz (shimmer/luminous blush): It looks like a pink toned highlighter. I love this colour. It gave me a lovely shimmery rose colour. I will definately use this colour. It looked beautiful on my skin tone. This colour got the thumbs up from me!

Pamplemousse (matte vibrant pink blush): I had high hopes for this colour, because if a colour this vibrant does not show up on my skin tone, then I don’t know what will! Although, I had to apply more product to get the colour payoff on my cheeks, it is a lovely colour which complimented my skin tone. I just wish that the colour was more pigmented.

The highlighters are the stars of the show in this palette. They do not disappoint.

Prosecco Pop (Highlighter) is a more a gold toned highlighter so it is more flattering on darker skin tones. It gives you a more golden glow, as it is warmer. As you can see from the swatches, there is a slight difference between these two highlighter shades. But they both work beautifully on medium to dark skin tones.

Champagne Pop (Highlighter): Champagne Pop is a peach tone highlighter. For my darker skin ladies, it can initially look too light but believe me, it works for all skin tones. It really does. This is my go-to highlighter ever since I added it to my collection. It is buildable so you can use a little at a time to build up the colour but it is amazing. I use it for a subtle glow or when I just want to shine to let the heavens know that I am here!!!




The packaging is amazing.

The packaging for this palette is sturdy and protects the powders inside well. It looks and feels luxurious (but at £48 I don’t expect any less!).  It has a large mirror on the inside of the palette which is very handy. I love palettes with mirrors. I love the packaging of this product. I really do.

The texture of these powders are typical to BECCA, they are creamy and velvety smooth which I know and love. These are high quality powders.



Nope, not much of a difference. The only difference was the price. For £32 you get more product with the single highlighter, mainly because it is not in a palette so it is bigger. The colour and the texture of both were exactly the same. I am going to start separating my makeup collection into two: ‘makeup on the go’ and my ‘at home’ makeup collection. So I will put this face palette in my ‘makeup on the go’ and my individual Champagne Pop in my ‘at home’ collection. I need to get organised with my life!




Is it worth £48? Yes if you consider that buying these highlighters as singles cost £32. However, it is a product that you do not need in your collection. It is more of a ‘want’ thing. If that makes sense. I will be taking this palette with me on holidays because I have to use it to justify spending my coins on it, however there are great affordable highlighters and blushes that rival this palette.

*BECCA have now released Highlighter + Blush Duo Compacts aka ‘Splits’ where you can pick the highlighter and the blush you prefer. This is probably the better option, as it is cheaper at £32. I would recommend the Prosecco Pop & Pamplemousse Split for medium to dark skin tones.


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