The Key is Acceptance…

The Key is Acceptance…

Everyone has insecurities, whether it is with how they look, a specific problem or just what people think of them.

I have insecurities. I remember the first time I posted a picture of my lips on this blog, I was incredibly nervous because I have always had an insecurity about my full lips…for as long as I can remember. There are times when I scrutinise my pictures with so much detail that it is borderline unhealthy. I have to tell myself to stop…I usually do this aloud like a crazy woman!

It is easy for me to sound like I have got everything together. You know, juggling all these different things, a blog, a career, motherhood… when the reality is very different.

I always try to share my reality with you. Sometimes, I feel incredibly down and feel as though it is all too much. This usually happens when I am super stressed or anxious about something.

One thing I have learnt as I have developed as a person is that there are things that you have to just accept! Once you accept these things, you can move on with your life, onto bigger and better things.


Acceptance is doing ‘you’ regardless….

I haven’t had any hateful comments on this blog, you guys are super supportive, but I know it will happen because it is life! I cannot expect everyone to like me or this blog. I cannot please everyone. The most freeing discovery is realising that it is fine for people not to like you. It is perfectly fine because everyone has their own voice, whether they decide to use it in a positive way or a negative way. It will not affect my behaviour or how I do things, unless it is constructive and comes from a positive place. Accept that not everyone will like you or agree with you. Accept that not everyone will like your ideas, your plans, your goals. Accept that there will be that one person who will always think they can do better than you.

Sometimes, we stress over what other people will think about our business, our ideas, our future plans, our goals, how we are raising our children etc. However, if you just let go of that fear and give it 110% regardless. It is your life, not anyone else’s. You will be accountable for what you did with your life, no-one else will. 


Accept the body that you have been given…

I was thinking about what I would change about my body and I came up with a longggggggg list. I would change my legs to make them thinner and give myself some ankles! These ‘cankles’ are literally the bane of my existence! I would reverse the changes that occurred after pregnancy and childbirth…especially with these two bad boys in my chest area. What’s wrong with having super high and perky boobs?! The list goes on and on. Then I started to think about what I did like about my body and the list was very short in comparison. 

One thing I have learnt is that accepting your body is the key to becoming more confident in yourself. No one has a perfect body or face. Even if you think they did, I guarantee you that they think their body or face is not perfect. Once you accept your body, flaws and all, you can move on and do you honey!!!!! If you want to change something about your body such as losing weight or getting toned, then do so. But don’t forget to embrace your body in its current state and don’t fill yourself with self-loathing. It really doesn’t help you.


Accept that life is short…

I believe that we all take life for granted, we believe that tomorrow is guaranteed. In 10 years time, we will be able to go back to those dreams that we shoved to the side because we thought ‘we were not ready’ or ‘didn’t have the time’. We all, myself included need to realise that this life is short and it is for living.

Now I don’t mean doing foolishness because life is short, but learning how to make use of everyday is important. Tell your loved ones that you love them regularly, spend your time focusing on the positive things around you, and not letting the negative things or the challenges overwhelm you. I’m not just talking about pasting on that smile, I am talking about genuinely forcing your mind to see and focus the positive things around you. This is what I am constantly telling myself. I have to consciously force my mind to think this way. It doesn’t come naturally for me.


Accept that hard work and determination is required to fulfil your goals….

Honey, if you think that you can be successful without putting in that work, then you need to take a step back and re-evaluate things!

Whatever is worth having is worth working hard for. Imagine if you got your heart desires without working for it, you wouldn’t appreciate it as much would you?

Rather than you sitting down and feeling sorry for yourself and watching others succeed, put in the work and taste success for yourself. No excuses. You can do it. Go hard or go home! There is no time for mediocrity and procrastination. The time is now.


Accept that there are good people in this world.

It is easy to believe that people are constantly out to get you, that you have ‘haters’ and that there are enemies from your father’s father’s father’s house that do not want you to succeed! Those trusted ol’ generational curses that cultures like to blame for practically everything wrong in life! But in the midst of  all this remember that there are good people out there that are willing to help you to achieve certain goals. Just by networking and talking to people, you might find the answers you have been looking for. Obviously I am not saying hang your dirty laundry outside for others to see but don’t be afraid to approach people and speak to different people. The worst they can say is no, then you move swiftly on! Onto the next one!


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