101 on makeup brushes | Key brushes that you need in your collection

101 on makeup brushes | Key brushes that you need in your collection

Buying a new set of makeup brushes as a beginner can be as daunting as giving birth for the first time. How would I know how to push? Is the pain that bad or are people exaggerating?! Do I really have to go through labour, can the baby just magically appear in my arms….ok maybe it is not the same! However, as a beginner you can look at all the brushes thinking, what am I going to do with all of these brushes?! I used to just improvise…very badly might I add. Using a powder brush for liquid foundation is farrrr from ideal!!!

So today we are going to delve into this mysterious world of brushes:



Most suitable brushes: Flat Top Kabuki Brush/ Buffing Brush/ Stippling Brush

This brush is perfect for blending liquid and cream foundations. It is dense, so the more product it will hold and deposit. ‘Dense’ just basically means more bristles, and it gives you more coverage. These brushes are great for blending in foundation for a flawless finish. I would avoid applying product directly onto the brush, because it can cause the brush to take in too much product. Apply the foundation to the back of your hand first or dab it onto your face. The trick – apply little, blend, apply some more, blend until you are happy with the coverage. These brushes are great for giving that airbrushed finish.



Most suitable: A round top kabuki brush or a powder puff.

Powder puffs are great for pressing the powder into your skin and gives you a heavier coverage. It is great for oily skin because you really mattify your skin. A dense brush such a kabuki brush will give you a good coverage of the powder product.



Most suitable: Large powder brush for Finishing / Setting powder and a medium powder brush for bronzer

This brush is usually fluffy. It is light and is not as dense as the buffing brush, because it is supposed to distribute powder over a large area. I use this brush to apply my finishing powder on my face to set my foundation and to make sure my highlight and contour are blended in nicely. It gives you a light distribution of the product. You don’t want to use a fluffy brush for foundation because your makeup will look streaky and give you an uneven coverage.



Most suitable: a fan brush or a small tapered brush

This brush is fluffy and shaped like a fan. I find that it is incredibly useful to adding highlighter to the top of your cheekbones. It is also useful for gently blending away makeup mistakes. You can also use a small tapered brush with medium density. My trick is to spray MAC’s Fix + or my setting spray to the brush before dipping it into my highlighter, it intensifies the pigment of the highlighter. You glow like a disco ball on steroids! I don’t know about you guys but I love that glow! I just can’t get enough!



Most suitable: flat concealer brush and a small dense buffing brush

I like to use a flat concealer brush to really get my concealer right under my eyes, into those small corners under my tear duct and the bridge of my nose. I then take my small dense brush to blend out the concealer and to get rid of the harsh lines.



Brushes you need: Laydown/flat brush, Crease brush, and a Blending brush (the three key eyeshadow brushes as a beginner)

The flat brush presses the pigment in and allows you to put eyeshadow on your whole lid. I use the crease brush to apply eyeshadow to the crease of the lid. It is usually slightly pointed so it fits into your crease. I also use my crease brush to add my transition colour (the eyeshadow colour that makes your eyeshadow look seamless). If you want a smokey eyeshadow look, use a light colour on your lid and a deeper/darker shade in the crease of your eye.

The blending brush is larger than the crease brush, fluffy and rounded. Use this brush well, you don’t want harsh lines in your eyeshadow. Blend well, so that it looks like the colours merge into one, till you can’t tell where one colour ends and the other colour stops.


Don’t forget to wash your brushes regularly!


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