Focusing on the person behind your brand

 ‘if people like you they will listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you’

Zig Ziglar


Your brand is important but dare I say that the person behind the brand is even more important. I feel as though people forget this.

Yes, I understand that we have been taught that your brand which is basically the experience people have when interacting or doing business with your company is super important.

Many of us can promote our businesses or ventures until we are blue in the face, but the person behind the brand  doesn’t match what we are claiming.

You can claim to want to empower women, or make women feel beautiful, when you are constantly throwing shade and just full of nastiness and spite, it doesn’t add up. It works both ways, if you can get a person to believe in the person behind the brand, you can practically get them to buy anything. Think of people who work in sales. On the flip side, if a customer does not trust the person behind the brand, then it will be hard to convince them to buy anything from you. If I think that the person who is selling or reviewing a product constantly lies, I won’t trust their product and I will not buy it. It is that simple. I am not taking the moral high ground or anything like that. I just dont want to give my coins to someone that i believe lies. That is my personal decision.

Recently a lot of very popular people or companies in the beauty industry have lost hundreds, potentially thousands of customers and potential customers because the person behind do not match up to their ‘brand’ which has been carefully put together.

Customers are not stupid. They will begin to work out that the person behind the brand does not correlate with the brand that has been portrayed to them. I personally will not buy a product if I have questions about the person behind the brand. There have been beauty companies that although their makeup products are ‘life’, I would not touch them with a bargepole because I do not and cannot support anyone who calls their customers ‘ugly’, who is racist, who is a bully, and who just lies about….everything! And believe me, these things stick. You can paint black and white strips on a donkey and the world can be fooled for a second thinking it is a zebra, but when the rain comes and washes off the paint, the world will see the real ‘ass’…excuse the pun!

It is all about trust. If you are thinking of starting your own business, selling a service or a product, a blog or anything, make sure the person behind the brand adds up to the brand that you portray. Better still, make sure your brand reflects you genuinely. Don’t create a brand that does not reflect who you are.

 Your brand needs to be based on authenticity.


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