What order do you apply your Makeup? Eyebrows before or after foundation?

It is quite interesting when I watch other people do their makeup because it’s fun to see the different ways people can do the same thing.

Alot of people do their makeup the same ol’ way, but when someone does it a little different, it captures my attention.

There are no hard and fast rules about how to apply makeup, so do whatever suits you. But I will share how I do mine. Let me know in the comments how you do yours so I can try something different.

You never know, different can be better lol! Do you do your eyebrows and eyeshadow before or after foundation?



I use an oil free primer on clean skin which helps my makeup to last longer on my face and creates a smooth base for the makeup. Seriously guys, if you don’t use a primer when you wear makeup, you are wasting your time. Without a primer, your makeup wont last long on your face regardless of if you have oily or dry skin. You know that feeling when you look at your face at the end of the day and the makeup is barely there? Yup, you need to use a primer. There are affordable drugstore options for different skin types such as Smashbox, NYX’s Pore filler.


I do my eyebrows next. I usually use an dark brown eyebrow pencil from Rimmel which costs me around £2. Lately, I have been reaching for my Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Dipbrow in Chocolate, I am starting to like it again. I really disliked it before.

The key to getting ‘fleeky’ brows is to use concealer to clean up your brows which basically means outline your brows with the concealer to create your desired shape.

Eyeshadow look 

I do my eyeshadow before foundation in case of fall-out (the eyeshadow powder falling on my face). I remember ages ago when a MAC makeup artist did my eyeshadow first, I was confused, I thought everyone did their eyeshadow last. Now, I personally find it easier especially when I am using dark eyeshadow.



I put the foundation at the back of my hand, dip a damp beauty blender or my buffing brush into the liquid and start to blend it on my face…this is pretty standard or maybe it isn’t. Some people use their fingers to apply their foundation. I can’t do that because I know myself, I will accidentally touch everything in my bathroom, leaving brown fingerprints everywhere.

Remember, a little at a time, blending it as you go along.

Brightening & Contouring

I now prefer to call this stage ‘brightening’ rather than ‘highlighting’ to be honest. I brighten my under-eye area with my under-eye concealer and set it with my setting powder. Then I move on to contouring. I like to use cream products to contour because I find it easier to blend out so that it is not too harsh. I use a foundation stick to contour in the darkest shade. I use my CoverGirl bronzer to set my cream contour. To be honest, most of the time I skip this stage, because I ain’t got time to be doing this everyday!

Finish up with…

I use my highlighter powder at the top of my cheekbones to give me that glow. I recently learnt that you should put your blush in between your highlight (on the tops of your cheekbones) and contour (hollows of your cheeks), and after trying this tip, I do this every time I wear put on my makeup. My blush also has a little bit of shimmer to add to the glow.

After this, I apply my lipstick, and spray some setting spray on my face then I am good to go. For my everyday look, I skip the whole brightening, contouring stage, and just use a little highlighter powder and some lipstick.


How do you apply your makeup? What order do you apply your makeup? Is it any different from mine?


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