GWRM…Travelling to Nice

GWRM…Travelling to Nice

I wake up on Wednesday morning feeling quite confident…no scratch that…I am feeling very confident. I have packed all of Stephanie’s things, from Calpol to all her nappies and her clothes. Everything is nicely folded and packed in the bag *pats back*. I have even packed my stuff which is a record achievement for me because I usually dash things into my bag in a mad rush…no not this time! I am a changed person! I have a few errands to run today, in preparation for our flight tomorrow morning at 7am. I have planned everything….go to bed early, wake up at 3am, and leave the house at 4 to get to the airport for 5am.

There shouldn’t be much to do anyways apart from getting ready because I had packed everything…can you tell how confident I am?! I smile to myself. I just can’t wait to get away. I need some sun and relaxation time.


The next morning my husband shakes me anxiously ‘get up Temi, get up!’ ‘What? Why?!!!’ I always wake up slightly moody. I am not a morning person! ‘Check your time!’ I groggily look at my phone: 3:45am! Whattttttttttttttttttttt?! What the hell? Why didn’t you wake me up?! ‘I did’, he says ‘but you kept on falling back to sleep!’

I leap from the bed like a crazy woman! We have only 15 mins to leave the house and Steph isn’t ready yet!!! I rush to brush my teeth while my hubby who hasn’t packed anything is flinging things into his bag. Stephanie decides to wake up screaming…I swear sometimes she plans these things! Everything is chaotic as I try to get her ready and get myself ready. I manage to take a ‘shower’ I say shower lightly as it was a 10 second scrub with pouring water on myself! Thank God for wigs, I mumble as I fling one on my head. It is 5 mins before we leave, and now Stephanie wants to play with her toys, watch pepper pig and drink water…all at the same time. Father, give me strength today!

I realise that I haven’t packed any wipes or cream! If I could slap myself, I would have given myself a dirty backhand! Anyways, there is no time for that, we need to leave….NOW!

We grab everything and rush out of the house at 4:05am. Passports and boarding passes check, suitcases, stephie’s snacks and drinks check, Stephanie…check!


Thankfully the drive to the airport was fine. We get to Luton Airport at 5:15 and proceed to go through security. It is packed! What?!!!!! I didn’t think so many people will be awake at this time! We are looking at the time frantically. Jeez! We cannot miss this flight. When we start to shed our belts, jewellery we are told that the buggy must go through the security. What? The one thing that is keeping Steph restrained and stopping her from doing her own mini marathon!? So while we are trying to take off anything containing metals, our laptops, mobiles, our bags, we are simultaneously trying take Steph out of her buggy, and fold it up.

She wasn’t given that up without a fight. She screams and holds onto it ‘my buggy’, ‘mine, mine’!

‘Yes Stephanie, I know it is yours, we just need to pass it through security’ in the calmest voice I could muster. Once again I had to BEG God for strength! Grabbing Stephanie who was screaming like a strangled cat and trying to go through security seemed like a mammoth task but we finally go through. We race through the airport and get to our gate. Luckily the gate hadn’t opened so we were stood in the queue.

Steph wanted to walk at this point ‘get down’ ‘get down’. No love it is not the right time or place….cue another mini screaming session. We knew she was acting up because she was tired so we left her. I started giving her everything to play with to distract her, take my keys, my phone, my cards, my passport, do you want my life as well?!!! We were those parents who lets your child go riot just so that you could get a break. I know, i know, you can judge us for not being disciplined enough, for not ignoring the screams! When we finally got on the plane after 5 mins Stephanie fell asleep, we both breathed a sigh of relief…peace!


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