My travel bucket list

My travel bucket list


Ideally I would like to visit every country in the world, if money was not an object, but unfortunately it is! I’m not rich like that! Even though I wish I was! I decided earlier this year that I want to start travelling again, either by myself, with my family or with my friends. Y’all know that I constantly go on about life is for living, and that is something I really want to embrace going forward. Travelling is not for everyone, because we all have different interests, but I love it.

Travelling can be expensive and I really don’t want to break the bank, so I will be budgeting accordingly. I am really excited about this bucket list, and let’s see if I can achieve it!

These are the places I will hopefully get the chance to visit in the near future.



 The pictures of Santorini are breath-taking and I can wait to go here. I have heard that this location is not ‘buggy-friendly’ though, because it is situated on cliffs, so I need to decide if my toddler will be coming. This is definitely a romantic location, so ideally I will go with hubby as a little getaway.




I have always been interested in the Middle East and Dubai is somewhere I want to go, just because…it looks really cool! I know that is not a good reason, but I just want to see how life is out there. It is in a completely different area of the world and the culture is change from western culture, and that is something I want to experience.




I just want to experience the glitz and glam of the West Coast. I want to see the Hollywood Hills, the  Hollywood walk of fame, and even Beverly Hills.




I have heard so much about Thailand, that I just have to go at some point. The surrounding islands are so beautiful and everything is so cheap. People have a great time when they go, so I can’t wait to go. I have been told that Christmas is one of the best times to go, so I will definitely need to plan ahead.




I want to go to see the Northern Lights also known as aurora borealis. There is nothing like this in the world, and I am so intrigued! I want to stay in the Igloo Village, where you can stay in your own Thermal Glass Igloo, which allows you to enjoy the views but has the warmth of your hut. How cool is that?!




Lord knows I am scared of even cats, so I don’t know how I will survive on a safari, but I really want to see these amazing animals up close! My hubby, a true Nigerian man, said he categorically will not be going with me! Haha! But not to worry, I will find a willing participant! 

african safari kenya

What is on your travel bucket list? Where would you like to go in the next couple of years?


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