Girls Compete, Women Empower…

Girls Compete, Women Empower…

“What happened to playing nice, nowadays everyone seems to be fighting dirty.”


Today’s post is a bit of a mini rant.

While I was off work, I watched more YouTube videos, checked out new blogs, just immersing myself in the beauty community to get inspiration for my blog and future posts.

One thing that I noticed that shocked me was YouTube drama between different YouTubers. General bitchiness, alot of profanity and just plain nastiness. Behaviour that I expect to see in a primary school playground between little children, not between adults, grown folk.

Let me put it out there, I’m not here for drama, any type of drama. It’s weird because I used to be such a drama queen when I was younger, but now I just don’t have energy for it. I made it a pledge that I will not throw shade on any woman or anybody. I just keep it moving. If I see something I don’t like, I keep on scrolling. If it really offends me, I stop following that person… simple! I think our society loves drama in general, that why all these reality shows that are full of nothing but drama are so popular. I can only speak for myself when I say I used to love those type of shows because they gave me something else to focus on instead of my life, but now I just don’t have the headspace for the weave pulling, potty mouthed individuals.

What really annoys me is when I see women squabbling like kids about over someone copying the other.

The same people shouting feminism are the same people that cannot bear to see another woman doing well. They feel the need to bring down another person’s business in the name of ‘competition’.

Yes, the industry is oversaturated and it is very likely that you will bump into a person doing the same thing as you. Honey, the world is big enough for both of you to succeed so there’s no need to be putting down another woman’s hustle because you are worried that people might prefer hers. Even though you might be selling the same thing, producing similar things, your business will be inherently different because you are different people. Just do you!

You hear of people deliberately withholding information when asked just because they don’t want to be ‘copied’, women deliberately spreading malicious lies about another to bring down another woman’s business. Why? Why do we have so much fighting within our gender? What happened to supporting other women for making that effort and stepping out there. Must it always a competition?

What I love to see is when women collaborate without competition, especially black women.

If you are that person that confuses competition with just being mean, childish and rude about another woman’s business then please grow up! Competition does not mean running in someone’s lane, trying to trip them up to stop them from running because you are running the same race. Competition is not about crushing the opponent or survival of the fittest. Rather than competing, why not empower? Seek to empower other women with the tools they need to get ahead.

[Glad I got that off my chest!]



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