NYX Cosmetics on dark skin | First Impressions and Reviews

NYX Cosmetics on dark skin | First Impressions and Reviews

Since NYX Cosmetics was introduced to the UK earlier this year, I have been really interested in this affordable makeup line. I have tried their liquid lipsticks (here), and I loved them so I wanted to find out if I would like their other products.

Their products are super affordable and are available in Boots (UK Drugstore). You can now walk into Boots and try on the products, or order it online. I haven’t seen these products in any Boots stores yet, but if you have, let me know in the comments below. I bought all these products online, and it wasn’t easy because there are very few swatches online on dark skin tones. Virtually none. 

This makeup look was created using only NYX products, which I bought from Boots.com



Colour: Espresso

This pencil is similar to MAC’s eyebrow pencil, where you twist up the pencil. It is double-ended and has the pencil on one side and a spooly on the other, to brush your brows into shape. The pencil is waxy, so it is not as soft as my other eyebrow pencil but it lasts all day. It didn’t smudge at all. I used small light strokes when drawing on my brows, which made my brows look natural. If you are after that super dark ‘power’ brow, then this product is not for you.



Colour: Nutmeg – ‘Medium-Deep Skin tones with warm undertones.’

Sigh! This was the darkest shade available on Boots.com and I was hopeful because the description seemed to be suitable for my skin. However, the shade looks darker through the tube and it was alot lighter on my skin than I expected. I had to mix it with my NARS foundation which is a little dark for me to get this foundation to work for me.

I checked the NYX website and there are 9 medium-dark and dark shades available…so why are there only 2 available online?!!!

I was not too fond of the consistency of the foundation, probably because it was water-based, rather than oil based. It did not dry matte at all, and I had to use powder during the day to get rid of the shine.



Colour: Wanderlust

I couldn’t find swatches of this product anywhere, so I had to look at swatches on Caucasian skin tones and try to work out how it will work on mine…not ideal! I believe this product is only available online at the moment.

I was looking forward to this product but I just couldn’t work with it at all. The colour pay-off was poor…very poor, to the point where I felt like I could not see any product on my skin, even after sweeping my powder brush on the product several times. I used my finger to sweep it over the blush but all I got was shimmer but no colour. It is probably a better highlighter than a blush. I am dark-skinned so maybe it will show up more on someone with a lighter skin-tone.  I was disappointed with this product to say the least!



Colour: Deep

I was disappointed with the lack of quality of this palette. The creams had a greasy texture but were in fact very dry. I wanted to add a drop of olive oil to loosen it up abit. The colour pay-off was poor. It did not blend well at all. The shade for ‘highlighting’ was practically my skin tone and it didn’t appear on my skin so I tried to use the lightest shade as an under-eye concealer. This shade was a light shimmery colour, so I ended up using a shimmery cream underneath my eyes which is not ideal when trying to cover up dark circles! The darkest shade was dark enough for my skintone, but I had to apply it 5 times, and I am not exaggerating for me to get colour to appear.

Waste of my money.



Colour: Pure Gold

I couldn’t find a NYX powder highlighter so I went with this illuminator instead. I chose the shade which I felt would suit my skin the most. I have never used a liquid highlighter before, so I was not sure. However, I loved this illuminator, it was pigmented and was easy to apply. Apply this illuminator with your fingers, and using a pressing motion with your fingers, gently press it into your skin. The moment I tried to blend it in with my brush, the product seemed to disappear! If you use your fingers, you definitely get that glow.



Colours: Deep carbon grey (shimmer), black (matte), deep plum (shimmer), deep royal blue (shimmer), bronze/ gold (shimmer), white (pearl)

I loved the colours in this palette and the price! This was one of my favourite NYX products. The palette also comes with a double ended sponge applicator which was a nice touch even though I did not use it to blend out the eyeshadow. The eyeshadows were very pigmented especially the matte black and shimmery dark blue. I did find the eyeshadows needed a little more work when blending them out but I loved the results of my blue smokey eye. I wish the palette had a deep matte brown which would have been great for a transition colour, but all in all this palette was good.




Ok, I love this product. It really made my skin feel smooth and it reduced the size of my large pores. It created a flawless base for my foundation. If any of you have large pores, then this is a great drugstore product for reducing them.

Great product.



Colour: Milk

I love this pencil. I have been using it for ages and I don’t see any reason to change it. It intensifies my eyeshadows and helps my eyeshadows to last all day. The best way to apply it is to use the pencil on your eyelid, keeping it on your eyelid only, then using your finger to blend and smooth it out slightly, just so that it is even.

I recommend this anyone and everyone.



Colour: Banana

I really liked this powder and it worked well on my dark skin tone. It blended well and was very easy to use. It set my under-eye concealer well and prevented creasing.


NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks – £6.50

Colour: Push Up (with a brown lip-liner)

I love this liquid lipstick. It is not too drying and it is comfortable on my lips. I have several colours in this Lingerie range. It is definitely worth it. For the colours that suit medium to dark skin tones, click here.




Have you tried NYX products? What are your favourite NYX products?


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