‘Full Face using only Liquid Lipsticks’ Challenge | Colourpop, Coloured Raine, NYX Lingerie

‘Full Face using only Liquid Lipsticks’ Challenge | Colourpop, Coloured Raine, NYX Lingerie

One of my readers challenged me to do this challenge, and I had to check YouTube to see what it was…you mean I use liquid lipsticks for a full face of makeup?!!!! On my skin??!! Lord have mercy! Y’all know that I have sensitive skin and some of these liquid lipsticks are not easy on the lips, talk less of my face! But a part of me was intrigued and I love a good challenge! So I started going through my Liquid Lipstick collection and see what I can use for this challenge.

So here goes! If I break out, I know who I am blaming!



I didn’t have a really deep brown to do my eyebrows so I have to use Coloured Raine’s 2AM (black) to do my brows. I used my angled brush and lightly fill my brows. I used NYX Lingerie’s Teddy to clean up my brows. Ok, this wasn’t too bad.

Ok, I will put my hands up, I used a lipstick rather than a liquid lipstick for my eyeshadow. I used the NYX Wicked Lippie in Mischievous (Metallic Gold) for my eyeshadow and used Coloured Raine’s 2AM (black) in outer crease to create a smokey effect on my eyes. I know right! I was feeling like a Makeup Artist at this point! I used the same black liquid lipstick: Coloured Raine’s 2AM (black) to line my top lash line. I was not about to line my bottom lash line, no way! I am not putting liquid lipstick that close to my eyes!

Yes, I know eyelashes are not liquid lipsticks, but come on guys, I need to look slightly decent!



For my face, I used Colourpop’s Limbo (Deep chocolate brown) for my foundation. I used this liquid lipstick because this was the closest brown to my complexion. It was a little dark for me, so I ended up looking like a dark chocolate queen. I actually loved looking that brown! All that melanin! I had to use alot of liquid lipstick to cover my face, so the wastage was real!!!

I also had to work quickly to blend the product into my skin because liquid lipsticks set so quickly, so it was a race against time. I mean to my oily ladies, if you want to stay super matte all day…liquid lipsticks are quite good for that because it won’t budge come rain or sunshne! I’m joking, dont worry!

To highlight I used a combination of NYX Lingerie’s Push Up (Brown Spice Pink) and Honeymoon (Grey toned beige) under my eyes. I was quite impressed at this point. Obviously my face felt as dry as a desert and was feeling quite tight but the colours I had chosen weren’t bad! Small pat on the back!

Then I moved to contouring and that’s where it went horribly wrong *sobs*. I used Coloured Raine’s Tootsie. It looks like a deep brown in the tube, however it has a deep red/cherry undertone. I went ham with this, applying it generously in the places that I usually contour, and started to blend. OMG! What the hell have I done?! I looked like I had smeared burgundy all on the sides and bottom half of my face! It was awful!

‘Ok, ok Temi, don’t scream. You can fix this. Breathe, breathe…no don’t faint! It is only a challenge!’ I applied some Limbo and blended as if my life depended on it, and the look was rescued…a little.



After the nonsense that happened with my face, after all that drama… I was done! I will never look at liquid lipsticks in the same way again! I went for my favourite red liquid lipstick, Coloured Raine’s Cherry Blossom (Blue based red) to try and rescue this look.


Voila, here is the look! What do you guys think? 

P.S I started to break out on my chin once I finished so I had to take this off fast! I literally just grabbed some baby oil and put loads on my face, eyelids and lips, and waited for a few seconds because using a couple of makeup wipes to take off the products. After washing my face, my face felt normal again…phew!







Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick – Limbo

Coloured Raine – 2AM

Coloured Raine – Tootsie

Coloured Raine –  Cherry Blossom

NYX Lingerie – Teddy

NYX Wicked Lippie – Mischievous (Metallic Gold)

NYX Lingerie – Push Up

NYX Lingerie – Honeymoon



  1. Arianna Davis
    July 18, 2016 / 5:48 pm

    I love it i think you did an awesome job gor this challenge especially after seeing makeup artists like jeffree star struggle lol not bad at all

    • thatredl
      July 18, 2016 / 7:30 pm

      thanks hun 🙂

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